55+ Wolf Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Stunning Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

There is a variety of wolf tattoo designs and each one has a different meaning. You can present this tattoo in many ways and also combine it with different elements, such as: For example, the moon (one of the most common patterns).

For some cultures, the wolf is associated with a spiritual leader (knowing what to do in the course of his life). For other communities, the wolf is related to nature and the protection of the same. He is a symbol of group strength.

A common element that pops up with the wolves, that we can see in many cases is a wolf howling at the moon. This sometimes has negative meanings like death and the mystery of darkness. Nevertheless, it is a kind of pattern that gives a visually spectacular result and in black tones, you can work on the outlines and shadows so that they look realistic and get a good end result.

There are other meanings attributed to the wolf: masculinity, mystery, wildness, honesty or wisdom. The positive qualities of these patterns are that they give a visually very nice result(the wolf is an aesthetically beautiful animal and if you draw it exactly, you can get a very good result).

As you all know, the wolves symbolize strength and cunning and many people let the wolves tattoo on the body. Nevertheless, the meaning of each person depends on himself.

Here you can find 55+ wolf tattoo designs:

#1. Red roses give femininity a tattoo. Wolf tattoos for females.

wolf tattoos for females

#2. Wolf tattoo design ideas for men on arms.

wolf tattoos for men

#3. Traditional and strong color contrast wolf tattoo ideas on the forearm.

wolf tattoos on forearm

#4. The red roses that leave the wolf a little less fierce.

fierce wolf tattoo

#5. A wolf in shades of gray discovering new paths.

#6. Howling wolf tattoo design ideas.

howling wolf tattoo

#7. How about a fun and fluffy version?

funny wolf tattoo

#8. Wolf tattoo design with flowers.

#9. Two wolves in shades of gray on the back.

wolf tattoo designs on back

#10. The wolf combines perfectly with roses.

wolf tattoo with roses

#11. A black wolf being embraced.

embraced wolf tattoo design

#12. Wolf tattoo with quotes.

wolf tattoo with quotes

#13. Colored wolf tattoo on the neck.

wolf tattoos for boys

#14. Fun and surprising.

#15. Cunning wolf tattoo designs.

cunning wolf tattoo

#16. Ferocious wolf tattoo design.

ferocious wolf tattoo design

#17. Wolf tattoo design ideas for boys.

wolf tattoo designs for boys

#18. Tribal wolf tattoo designs.

tribal wolf tattoo design

#19. The black wolf with two arrows. Classic style wolf tattoo designs.

#20. Wolf head tattoo design ideas.

wolf head tattoos

#21. Stylish wolf tattoo design.

stylish wolf tattoo design

#22. There is no mistake with a more classic tattoo.

#23. Geometric and shades of gray.

Geometric wolf tattoo

#24. Colorful tattoo design on the arm.

#25. You can decorate wolf tattoos in a gentleman manner.  Very funny 

#26. Small wolf head tattoos for boys on the forearm.

wolf head tattoos for boys

#27. Wolf with his favorite moon.

#28. On the finger also it will give good appearnce.

wolf tattoo on finger

#29.  Colorful wolf head tattoo on the foot.

wolf tattoo on foot

#30. Black&white tattoo on the foot.

#31. A mix of techniques gathered in a single tattoo.

#32. Use your imagination and explore all the possibilities.

#33. Full of attitude and style!

#34. Walk on the wild side.

#35. Geometrical wolf head tattoo design.

Geometrical wolf head tattoo

#36. The watercolor tones leave the wolf full of life!

#37. Wolf Paw tattoo ideas.

wolf paw tattoo

#38. Thick black wolf head tattoo ideas for boys.

#39. Small wolf tattoos on the ankle.

wolf tattoos on ankle

#40. Irreverent, daring and creative.

#41. The highlight for the eyes.

#42. The black, red and yellow tones are widely used in the most threatening wolves.

wolf tattoo on shoulder

#43. Howling wolf tattoo with moon symbol.

wolf tattoo with moon symbol

#44. Very well worked.

#45. Black and white wolf tattoo on the arm.

#46. A brave wolf in shades of gray in his hand.

#47. The elements around give meaning to the profile of the wolf.

#48. Howling wolf with roman numbers.

#49. A gentle wolf with a beautiful rose in its mouth.








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