50 Viking Tattoos Design For Men

Awesome Viking Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Viking tattoos are classics that offer a wide variety of designs and variations, as well as different meanings that can be enhanced by different elements in each drawing.

Unlike other designs, Vikings’ drawings are more varied in form, size, color or meaning. Some of the drawings we can see only the Viking’s face, which can be tattooed in black tones. Others focus on elements associated with the theme, such as a Viking ship. With regard to Viking’s face drawings, the features of it are essential.

It is particularly important to emphasize the eyes of the Viking who must be able to transmit force and meaning. In addition, if you only use black tones, the tattoo artist will have to provide an extra effort to represent the shadows and give blur keys to offer a realistic result.

Viking tattoos symbolize strength, courage, fight against adversaries, rebirth, victory, success, protection, the course of life, surpassing, luck and spirituality. Each of these symbolisms can be reinforced in one way or another by the way we represent them.

We must be aware that the majority of Vikings’ drawings must be tattooed on a large space. They must be large for good reasons because if we want to print the face of a Viking and bring out all the details that exist, we will have to represent it in a big way. This is the reason why Vikings’ drawings are usually tattooed on the arms or back, as these are areas that can accommodate large drawings.

In my opinion, the results of these tattoos are better when they are done in shades of black and brown, which make them stand out better. If we have them tattooed in one color, the artist will have to concentrate mainly on the shadows and the effects of blur. These are techniques that provide different textures that compensate for the lack of color.

Therefore, if you are a person attracted to these characters and you have decided to have a tattoo in large dimensions, you can opt for this type of drawings, whose results are impressive.

Here you can find 50 Viking tattoos design:

  1. Viking tattoo on the hand, the tattoo covers the hand.

viking tattoos for men

2. Great tattoos made on the shoulder of the man.

authentic viking tattoos

3. Mythological creature.

viking tribal tattoos for men

4. Nice design on hand.

viking warrior tattoos

5. Skull design tattoo.

viking tattoos on hand

6. On both sides of the back.

viking tattoo symbols for men

7. This design looks like a compass.

viking tribal tattoos

8. In my opinion, this tattoo is not the best, but there are people who like this type of drawing.

best viking tattoos

9. The smaller drawing we saw here.

small viking tattoos on leg

10. Located on the left side of the back. Tattoo of a horrible Viking.

viking tattoos on back

11. I don’t know who is Chamorro!do you know about him.

traditional viking tattoo

12. Fully covered backside.

traditional viking tattoos on back of men

13. Design made in the leg.

viking symbol create your own reality

14. They hunting each other!

viking tattoo designs for men

15. Viking who shows his teeth.

a skull viking tattoo

16. He is Hulk Viking!right.

norse tribal tattoos

17. warrior design.

18. Viking woman tattooed on the leg.This tattoo in color is the best in this collection.

19. It’s looking quite impressive.

norse mythology tattoos

20. Viking big on the back with a sword in his hand, very large tattoo realized in black and with a big armor.

norse warrior tattoos

21. The arm is a fantastic place to get a tattoo.

viking tattoos on forearm

22. Aggressive Viking with a large hand-swarm.

aggressive viking tattoos

23. Again it’s fully covered.

viking tattoos on back side

24. Again compass design with little modification.

traditional viking tattoos

25. Puzzled.

26. Vikings tattoo everywhere. And finally, we see new Vikings tattoos on the head, arms and other parts.

viking tattoos on head


viking tattoos on shoulder


29. A skull, a Viking tattooed on the arm.


viking tattoos on hand for men


viking tattoos on forearm for men


viking tattoos on back side for men

33. Tattoo of a Viking, handmade.

viking tattoos on palm

34. Viking tattoos for the arms, 4 drawings.


viking tattoos on full hand


viking tattoos on above forearm



39. Viking tattoos on the back, two current designs.

viking tattoos designs for men on back



42. Beautiful tattoos using all possible colors.

a colorful viking tattoo

43. Finally, two tattoos made only in black and gray.


thick viking tattoo


46. Three Vikings in different levels of gray.


colorful viking tattoo on hand


49. Tall tattoos and Vikings for the arm.


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