75 Best Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Best Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

The tribal tattoo has no secret pattern but a style. Any pattern can be styled as a tribal tattoo by adding the characteristic lines of this style. The tribal tattoo is one of the oldest that exists and as the name implies, these were used by ancient tribes to paint the skin, differing from the classes and status. It’s safe to say that the style of the tribal tattoo designs is most often used by men.

Currently, the tribal tattoo does not have this meaning. Who chooses such a pattern with this style, does it because of his taste and not because of its meaning. A dragon, sun or any other element can be called a tribe.

There are also patterns that are more abstract, with lines and geometric patterns that are within the category of tribal tattoo designs. At the beginning of this article, we said it was used mostly by the men, we were not mistaken, but do not be fooled by it and stand out with this pattern if you’re a woman. There are many women who choose this style and whose result is very flattering.

We never tire of repeating that when the time frame for deciding whether to have a tattoo done or not overcome, the moment of pattern and style is clear. You choose what you want to tattoo, the most important thing is that you are safe in the pattern that will accompany you throughout your life.

In this article, we want to give you some ideas, show you patterns and help you to inspire you. Surely you will find in our large gallery an interesting pattern that adapts to your taste or an element that you can add to the main subject of the tattoo.

Here you can find 75 best tribal tattoo designs:

1. When you are a muscle man this is the best design.

tribal tattoos for men


2. It seems to be very nice.

tribal tattoos for men on hand

3. It’s quite impressive when you are half na***ked!

simple tribal tattoo

4. It is quite resembles the second design.

tribal tattoos for men

5. It’s a hand tribal tattoo right!tribal upper arm tattoos

6. It’s a hand to neck tribal tattoo

tribal upper arm tattoos for men

7. It’s fully covered backside.tribal tattoos for men on back



10.tribal tattoos for men on chest




14.simple tribal tattoos for men

15. Best tribal tattoo design for women.tribal tattoos for women16.

17.tribal tattoos for men on hand to neck



20.21.tribal art designs for men

22.tribal art designs on hand


24.simple tribal art designs



27.tribal tattoos for men on hands and back side

28.tribal tattoos for men full covered




32.simple tribal tattoo on hands


34.tribal tattoo pictures




38.small tribal tattoos for men on hand



41.tribal tattoos with words


43.tribal tattoos for girls



46.simple tribal tattoos for men on shoulder

47.sun tribal tattoos



50.One more tattoo design for women!cheers!tribal tattoos for women's leg



53.It’s an animal tribal-tattoo design.tiger tribal tattoo

54.tiny tribal tattoo for men on shoulder

55.small tribal tattoo for men on shoulder

56.colorful tribal tattoo

57.Full body covered tribal tattoo for women.

tribal tattoos for women's back


59.One more tribal tattoo design for women.

tribal tattoos for women's lower back



62. I think it’s perfect for women!tribal tattoos for women's behind neck

63. I think it’s more than perfect for women!tribal tattoos for women on hand to shoulder

64. Again it’s women’s turn!simple tribal tattoo for women

65.very small tribal tattoo


67.mens wrist tribal tattoos

68.cool tribal tattoo drawings

69. It’s suitable for men & women!cool tribal tattoo drawings on legs

70.tribal tattoos for female on shoulder

71.tribal tattoos on fingers

72.tribal tattoos on head

73.simple tribal tattoo74.


The most commonly tattooed zones of the body

We’ve seen Tribal in all parts of the body, from the back to the arm, stomach, loins, or foot. All body parts are perfect for such a tattoo.

Colors or inks used more

The black color is used most often. Almost 95% are black.

Is this a female or a male tattoo?

Both women and men, albeit more men than women. Maybe a ratio of 35-65%.

What do women think about these designs?

I have explained my opinion about tattoos for men or women, and I have always said that I liked that the designs are unisex and that one style or another is not different for women or men but is the reality that is, and when we talk about tribal tattoos we think of boys more than girls. since tribal tattoo design is one of the most numerous in the world of tattooing and of which one can create more interpretations. There are thousands of different designs grouped in tribal designs, those of thicker lines are those that connect more with men. The girls we prefer them finer and of smaller size. For these reasons I can not give a clear no to these designs because the big quantity can do the same, that at any moment I meet with a drawing that surprises me and I like it.

Which design did you like most tell us in the comment box and share this tribal tattoo designs with your best ones!