Cute Swallow Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Swallow Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Swallow tattoos: Small bird, with long pointed wings, forked tail, and a small beak. It has unique behaviors and characteristics that differentiate it from other birds. It has the ability to hunt insects in the air and prefers to be accompanied always. Many consider it as the bird of departure and return because they are migratory. They vacate cold places to go in search of rich foods in the most temperate places – that is why it is known as the signaling of the Spring.

Its symbology is very positive, therefore, it is a very popular design in tattoos. In Greek mythology, it is related to the goddess of the maternal essence.

Swallow Tattoos Meaning

Swallow tattoos are known for their rich history and great meanings. They are mostly associated with the group of sailors, due to their importance in navigation. The appearance of any bird, while sailing in the sea is a sign of the presence of nearby land. Thus, a swallow tattoo symbolizes a happy return home from a sailor. Swallow tattoos were more like a symbol of status for the sailors of yesteryear.

According to some cultures, seeing a swallow at the beginning of the new year is a harbinger of financial success. Swallow Tattoo in a sailor symbolizes that the sailor has a good experience in navigation and therefore he/she has confidence and courage.

Swallow tattoos symbolize freedom. The sailors used to get swallow tattoos in sail the seven seas. As a birds swallow chooses a companion for life, these tattoos are used as symbols of love and loyalty.

Swallow is a very beautiful bird, with a great combination of colors like blue, white and red. These tattoos can be carved in different ways to form a perfect elegant tattoo design. As mentioned above, a swallow tattoo can be extracted in combination with a flower tattoo.

Check out the latest swallow tattoo designs for men and women

#1. Swallow tattoo on the ankle.

swallow tattoos on ankle

#2. Swallow tattoo design ideas on the wrist.

swallow tattoos on wrist

#3. Declaration of love for their parents.

#4. Swallow tattoo design ideas for the forearm.

swallow tattoo on forearm

#5. Swallow in shades of gray on the arm.

swallow tattoos on arm

#6. Feathers that fall while flying. Swallow tattoo ideas for girls.

swallow tattoos for females

#7. A small, but remarkable swallow tattoo on the wrist.

small swallow tattoo

#8. Realistic swallow tattoo on the wrist.

Realistic swallow tattoo

#9. Very delicate swallow tattoo in shades of grey on the shoulder.

#10. Flying all over the back.

swallow tattoos for girls

#11. Funny, affectionate and delicate swallow tattoo on the arm.

#12. Swallow tattoo with a soft version and funny touch.

#13. Swallow in shades of gray on the leg.

swallow tattoos on leg

#14. Bold and brave!

#15. Swallow with the key and two initials.

swallow tattoo with key

#16. Messenger of love.

#17. Powerful trio on the arm.

#18. Autonomy, independence and audacity.

swallow tattoo for couples

#19. Very realistic and natural swallow tattoo ideas on the wrist.

realistic swallow tattoos on the wrist

#20. Two swallows symbolizing freedom.

#21. Rich textures leave the swallow more vibrant and beautiful!

#22. Tribute to someone important in your life.

swallow tattoo for a memory

#23. Well feminine with flowers and branch in beak.

swallow tattoo on foot

#24. How about a funny swallow behind the ear?

swallow tattoo for women

#25. The swallow tattoo represents eternal love and fidelity.

swallow tattoo for lovers

#26. The swallow unites people.

#27. Watercolor swallow tattoo design ideas.

watercolor swallow tattoos

#28. Swallow tattoo with a beautiful quote ” And now you are mine “.

swallow tattoo with quote

#29. Swallow tattoo on the arm.

#30. Different designs throughout the body of the swallow.

swallow tattoos for men

#31. Swallows that prefer to live in groups.

tattoos of a group swallows

#32. Geometric swallow in black and white.

geometric swallow tattoo

#33. Swallow in love with music.

swallow tattoo with music symbols

#34. Traveler’s guide.

swallow tattoo with compass

#35. Geometric, striking and distinct swallow tattoo.

swallow tattoo for boys

#36. Swallow tattoo with flowers is a perfect combination.

swallow tattoo with flowers

#37. Swallow tattoo with an anchor.

swallow tattoo with anchor

#38. Swallow covered in black and white.

black and white swallow tattoo

#39. Swallow tattoo on finger.

swallow tattoo on finger

#40. The swallow tattoo easily adapts to any area of the body.

#41. In homage to his daughters.

#42. Realistic and well executed.

Realistic swallow tattoo on arm

#43. Precise lines, pointillism and different textures.

#44. Thick colored swallow tattoo on the foot.

swallow tattoo design ideas on foot

#45. Realistic swallow tattoo on the wrist.

#46. Swallow tattoo with the different color combination.

#47. Amazing color combination!

#48. Colorful swallow tattoo design on the arm.

#49. Realistic swallow tattoo on the hand.

#50. If we were against the world, now it’s just me.

#51. Watercolor swallow tattoo, it is impossible to not fall in love.

#52. Swallow tattoo with striking features.

#53. Beautiful swallow tattoo on the ankle.

#54. Small swallow tattoo on the wrist.

small swallow tattoo on the wrist

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