45 Incredible Star Wars Tattoos Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

 Star Wars Tattoos – Incredible Photos

For the biggest fans of Star Wars. Here is a great selection of star wars tattoos for paying tribute to the cult saga of George Lucas.

The Star Wars series is a milestone in the history of contemporary cinema. It is the trigger of the era of blockbusters. Created by the filmmaker George Lucas.

Incredible as it may seem, producer Fox did not believe in the force. Impact and great influence of an unusual film that passed in space and ensured that all rights for George Lucas. After the release of the first long, in 1977. Which raised more than $775 million. This went on to produce the other five episodes until 2008. The series won ten statuettes at the Oscars, including Best Costume, Soundtrack, Art Direction, and Visual Effects.

The popularity of the Star Wars saga flies in the space of tattoos.  Tattoo lovers and enthusiasts make no effort to declare all their enthusiasm to the favorite characters, such as the charismatic C-3PO, the hero of Han Solo, the brave Princess Leia, and the admirable Master Yoda and Darth Vader.

The Star Wars universe is a favorite theme for tattoos. we offer you a selection of the best tattoos of the cult saga, which is also very popular with geeks and nerds.

Here you can see 45 incredible star wars tattoos ideas to inspire you!

#1. The Darth Vader behaves well on any surface, even in the foot. Simple Darth Vader tattoo.

darth vader tattoos

#2. Star wars tattoos ideas on arm.

star wars tattoos ideas

#3. C-3po full of style and personality!

C-3po tattoo

#4. I find your lack of faith!

#5. Old school tattoo.

Old school tattoo

#6. Discretion with the symbol of the rebel alliance.

star wars tattoos for women

#7. The most beloved copilot in the world!

#8. The audacity and intelligence of have alone.

#9. How do you not love the bb-8 colors on the leg?

#10. Long live the rebel alliance!

star wars tattoos for girls

#11. Realistic and very well executed tattoo of master Yoda.

master yoda tattoo

#12. R2-d2 tattoo on the arm.

R2-d2 tattoo

#13. The non-continuous features fall like a glove to r2-d2.

#14. The funny and colorful version of Darth Vader tattoo.

star wars tattoos designs

#15. R2-d2 of everything vibrant, colorful and romantic.

#16. Boob Fett bounty hunter.

#17. The arm area is perfect to take down the clone trooper!

#18. Long live the galactic empire!

#19. Shoot before, ask later.

#20. Full of life and color all over the arm.

#21. Funny and charismatic Chewbacca in the hand.

#22. Star wars tattoo small.

star wars tattoo small

#23. The faithful companion of the Jedi master.

r2-d2 tattoo


#24. I will show you for them, the dark side of strength.

#25. Majestic Darth Vader tattoo.

Majestic Darth Vader tattoo

#26. Declare all your love to bb-8.

bb-8 tattoo

#27. How about stamping the memorable spaceships all over the arm?

star wars tattoos on arm

#28. Star wars tattoo ideas for boys.

#29. Darth Vader full of energy, audacity, and strength.

#30. Put your rebellious side in your hand. Star wars tattoos on hands.

star wars tattoos on hands

#31. The force of evil.

#32. Incredible contour spaceship in shades of gray.

 spaceship tattoo

#33. One of two important elements of the series and take advantage of the power of your tattoo.

#34. Enjoy the inner zone of the rebellious alliance symbol and put your favorite texture.

#35. The final duel.

#36. How about a pin-up version of the princess?

#37. Give a funny touch with a cup of tea by r2-d2.

#38. Darth Vader contour on the arm.

#39. The Cleaner.

#40. The pop icon, clone troopers adapt perfectly to the foot!

#41. A traveler without hope.

#42. Realistic and incredible master iodine in hand.

#43. Collect several elements of the series and customize your tattoo!

#44. Bb-8 colorful and full of movement in the leg.

#45. Simple star wars tattoos.

simple star wars tattoos

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