55 Tiny or Small Tattoos For Women

Tiny or Small Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

Small tattoos are a type of tattoos that more and more used, especially in women. The small patterns fit all areas, even those that are not spacious, small tattoos for women can have great significance. The results can be very simple.

The most common designs, which we will detail later, are the symbol of infinity, birds, crowns, hearts, stars, diamonds, trees, knots, crosses, musical notes, and the feathers. It is also usual to see a word like, for example, love or friendship.

The symbol of the infinite: valued by different cultures because it represents what has no end and to this concept are bound a multitude of meanings. For some communities, this element is linked to reincarnation and the process by which someone is endlessly reincarnated (or until perfection is achieved). Another element represented by the symbol of infinity is often the universe, for the infinity of possibilities that it presents. In a way, it reminds us of the wide variety of things that can happen in life, the decisions to be made and their consequences, that can interact with other elements and give rise to new combinations, all infinite. In addition, the symbol of infinity allows us to introduce a small sentence or a word in the plot of the figure.

Birds: They can be represented in two different ways: a single bird, or several of them, online or scattered. It is a very aesthetic type of drawing, which has an attractive result, even if the tattoo is done in black tones.

The crown is closely related to the values of power and authority. In antiquity, as we know if we studied history, power over others was granted to human beings by God, it was a right considered legitimate and granted in a divine way (it was often absolute monarchies of divine right). The crown also symbolizes the power and ability to organize groups of people. It can be noted that people who wear this type of pattern have strong personalities and are sure of themselves. They will be natural leaders, an example for others and, in most cases, have overwhelming personalities.

Trees: The tree is a beautiful design and, even if it is tattooed in small dimensions, it can have a good result. It is important to pay attention to the finesse and accuracy of the fine layout because, for branches, for example, it is necessary to use a clean and clean technique to get a good result. As we have said before, even if they are small reasons, they can have a powerful meaning and convey a real meaning. This is why representing a tree as a symbol of the course of life and the options that it offers (the different branches), can be a good idea and give a beautiful drawing.

Nodes are also a very common design that, despite its attractive outcome, does not have a powerful meaning. The reason we chose this tattoo is mainly aesthetic. In addition, this type of tattoo emphasizes femininity and simplicity. The best places for these tattoos are the ankles, the neck or the shoulder.

The musical notes and the clefs are visually very pretty and also give meaning and importance to the desired information, which is to designate a music lover, who likes music. Many of these people think that a day without music is a day lost.

Finally and even though on this list we have highlighted the most common ones, it would be ridiculous to describe each of the small reasons that people tattoo themselves. We will speak here about the drawing of the feathers. It is a recent tattoo, which does not mean that it is used little, but that its use has developed and spread in a very short time.

To conclude, the small tattoos for women have a very nice visual effect on the skin and give a touch of elegance and good taste, on most occasions. In addition, no information is lost because the dimensions are smaller. As the last piece of advice, I would like to say that in the majority of cases (as for example in the case of knots), small patterns have a better result if they are made in black tones, because simplicity is enhanced, which helps to give a more attractive result.

Here you can find 55 small tattoos for women:

#1. Funny photo of this girl who has been tattooed Saturn on the palms of the hands. This area is generally not chosen for tattoos because of the high sensitivity of the skin.

small tattoos for women on palm

#2. Discrete tattoos in black ink. This one is very original. The girl has a small tattooed key on the inside of the index finger and also a small tattooed lock on her neck. Very very original.

small tattoos for women on finger

#3. Small symbols made in black ink for women. The drawing seems to be a network of circles and knots interspersed, elaborated with a simple layout.

small tattoo designs for girl

#4. Tattoo of a growing moon for a woman on the ring finger. It is a very simple and elegant design, for which only black ink has been used.

small tattoo designs for girl on finger

#5. A tattooed arrow on the wrist, very small. Moons and arrows have already appeared many times in this gallery and you will continue to see them.

small tattoo designs for girl on wrist

#6. Wear a word that has special meaning for you tattooed on the chest. In this case, the word is home, home in English.

small tattoo ideas for women

#7. Small tattoo on the back of the ear, a feather, is what this girl has elected. Simple and discreet.

small tattoo ideas for women behind ear

#8. A little cat that we do not see almost tattooed behind the ear, near the neck. A small figure that does not take a lot of time to tattoo but the result is perfect.

small tattoo ideas for girl

# 9. Now a little treble clef on the arm, near the wrist. Such a small detail to show a great love of music.

small wrist tattoos with meaning

#10. Looks like this girl likes small tattoos. She wears a tattooed phrase in the center of the back and on one side, a little heart.

cool small tattoos for girls

#11. Tattoos of small initials for a man and a woman. A perfect way to make a declaration of love. She chose the wrist, he a finger.

small tattoos with meaning

#12. Triangle tattoo on the neck of this girl, concretely on the neck area. It’s a simple triangle drawing, something that has become very popular lately.

small delicate female tattoos

#13 . The word liberty, with pretty letters, tattooed laterally in the palm of the hand. Personally, I really like this area of the body for this type of tattoo.

simple tattoos that look good

#14. Two little red hearts adorn the wrist of this girl. The hearts are red and have no black edges, like those we had seen in other articles before.

small tattoos for girls on wrist

#15. Discreet tattoo of the black heart on a woman’s arm, especially on the triceps area. Now it is only a black heart and a beautiful area because it conveys a lot of sensuality.

feminine tattoos small

#16. The ankles and feet are perfect for wearing small and discreet tattoos. This girl is wearing a small tattoo of a deaths-head.

small tattoos for girls on ankle

#17. Crescent moon tattoo above the ankle of this girl. Rather discreet because the lines used are very thin.

small delicate female tattoos

#18. Small tattooed sentence on the chest. An “I love you” tattooed for life on your skin. This area seems to me as sexy to get a tattoo, although it is probably showier than others.

#19 .Decorate your wrists and arms with small symbols or tattooed animals and choose these designs to share with your best friend or spouse, so that both of you wear the same tattoo for life.

symbols with deep meanings

#20. Another very original drawing, a little elephant tattooed on the wrist of this girl. It has few colors and we just tattooed the silhouette.

small wrist tattoos for girls

# 21. If you can not afford a diamond, tattoo it a little. Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

small diamond tattoo for girls

#22. Pictures of small numbers tattoos for girls. This one preferred the Roman numbers.

small number tattoos for women on neck

#23. Small number 7 tattoo on a woman hand.

small numeric symbol tattoos for women

#24. The small tattooed phrase on one leg is very original.

small tattoos for women above knee

#25. Hanger for hanging clothes. An original drawing. The result is pretty good. If you are someone bold and you do not want to wear the same tattoos as everyone else, a drawing of this type might be your best option.

simple tattoo designs for girl

#26. Photos of fingers with small tattoos. We see a crown and a thin cross on each middle finger and the year 1993 tattooed on the side of the little finger.

#27. Never as pretty as with small tattoos. The neck is a place so strong for such small drawings. It’s a very se**y area.

#28. A sentence, again on the neck or the neck. The translation from English is “I am the only one who knows what I think, I am mine”.

small tattoos with meaning for girls

#29.  A discreet tattoo of an Egyptian cross sweeps a woman’s arm.

very small tattoo for women

#30. Wrists and forearms are the favorite areas for small tattoos.

small wrist tattoos for women

#31. Wear a small tatto o on your hands like these, made in 2017.

small finger tattoos for women

#32. Again another small heart, which we can say is popular among women who prefer a small one.

#33. Tattoo the word “Alive”, which means “alive” on the ankle.

#34. On the left wrist, you see a heart that is fantastic. On the other wrist, simple arrows. Simple and pretty.

cool small tattoos for girls

#35. Small street lamp designed on the hand.cool small tattoos for women

#36. Tattooing a symbol on a woman’s wrist.cute tattoos for ladies#37. Tattoo of a small boat on the arm. This girl has added some color and the result is perfect.

cute small tattoos for women

#38. Small tattoo very freak.

tiny tattoos for girls on hand


#39. Lemon tattoo on the wrist.

small classy tattoos for women

#40. We have seen other arrows before but this one is different. From what I understand, the direction in which the arrows are pointing is very important.

small unique tattoo ideas for women

#41. Small tattoos of a circle and a cross.

classy wrist tattoos women

#42. Letters or tattooed words on both hands. One says “past”, the other “future”. Nice symbolism.small elegant tattoos for women

#43. Very s**y the area that this girl has chosen. The tattooed thigh with a small sentence, with a pretty letter style, simple and elegant.

best small tattoos for women on leg

#44. Circle tattoo on the forearm or wrist of this pretty girl.

unique small tattoos for women

#45. Minimalist and small tattoos on the hands and wrists made in 2017.

small tattoos with meaning

#46. Simple symbols like a circle or many points. So simple, but the result is perfect.

#47. Tattoo stripes on the thumb. This is not the most popular finger for tattoos. Without a doubt, the index is much more popular but everyone is free.

cute finger tattoos for women

#48. A bird we can barely see, with food or something else next to it.

#49. The ribs area on women is very sensual for a small tattoo. I’m not sure but I think Rihanna has one on this part of the body too, although it’s about guns and not the symbol of the infinite like here.

#50. Diamonds on the ring finger that printed very successfully. Despite the small dimensions, they are represented by a wealth of detail. Very simple and inexpensive because they require little work.

small diamond tattoo for women

#51. A small simple word tattooed on your back will accompany you forever. If you want to hide it, just pass a shirt and you’re done.

#52. Fun tattoo on the hand. A very original and comical idea, which represents someone jumping on a trampoline. When you tighten your hand a bit, you can see it bouncing on the trampoline.

small tattoos for women on palm

#53. Small symbols and designs are what women prefer as tattoos. Tattooed triangles can symbolize harmony and creativity, among others.

small tattoos for women on forearm

#54. A small original tattoo is what you are looking for. We are not 100% sure but we believe it is a zipper that keeps the body closed. Maybe this woman wants to symbolize something with this drawing.

small tattoos for women behind neck

#55. A discreet and pretty tattoo on a woman.A perfect example of small tattoos for women.

After seeing over fifty images of small tattoos for women, I’m sure you’ve realized that the fingers are a perfect area to get a tattoo. There are, however, less visible areas and we sometimes want no one to see our tattoo. In countries like Spain, those looking for a job are faced with the fact that the culture has not yet evolved sufficiently and you may have problems if you apply for a particular job.