45 Best And Unique Sister Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire To Get Inked

Unique Sister Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

If you have a sister and want a tattoo that symbolizes the love that you feel for her. There are many options to express the feelings you have for each other. In this article, we will show you the sister tattoos, so that you choose the best one that suits your taste and your relationship.

Sister Tattoos:

The relationship between sisters is often very strong and sometimes even fusional. Many sisters like to show their affection for themselves. They are proud of this unique bond that binds them together. The sister tattoo is an original way to illustrate their affection.

Meaning of Sister Tattoos:

Tattoos of Hearts

The symbol of love par excellence has always been the heart. So, one of the best tattoos for the sisters is to have the same tattoo and have it tattooed somewhere on the body. According to your criteria, the tattoo can be more or less large, more or less elaborate, in color, etc. However, to express your feelings to both of you, it will have to be the same.

The heart can mean love, as we have already said, but it can also symbolize the motor that drives us all, the key organ to live because, without heart, no one can live. In this sense, tattoo means that your motor is your sister and that without it, you can not live.

sister bond tattoos

Bird tattoos

matching tattoo ideas for sisters


One of the best tattoos is birds, a symbol that represents freedom, creativity, imagination, etc. As it is an animal that lives in the sky, it is also considered a symbol of spirituality.

In the case of sisters who have tattooed the same birds, it may mean that one gives wings to the other, that is to say, that you complete each other to live both fully. It can also represent the fact that you are united and that you fly together in your life, profiting mutually from each other’s company.

Anchor tattoos

Anchor sister tattoos

Anchors are also very common tattoos for sisters because they have a strong connotation in the sentimental field. An anchor is a symbol used by sailors to protect them from the immensity of the sea and to return home.

Symbol of infinity

infinity sister tattoos


Two sinuous lines connected together in the form of eight: it is the symbol of infinity. In the case of relationships, the infinite means that your love, that the feelings you share are eternal.

#4. It is the symbol of sisterhood.

symbol for sisterhood

#5. A tattoo is an expression of freedom, cool tattoo ideas for sisters.

#6. Sister tattoo ideas on the forearm.

sister tattoo on forearm

#7. Small and cute sister tattoo ideas.

small sister tattoo ideas

#8. Tattoo ideas for two sisters.

symbol for two sisters

#9. Very small sister tattoo ideas on fingers.

#10. Three siblings sister tattoo ideas.

#11. Small rocket and planet symbols.

#12. Small flower tattoo ideas for sisters.

small sister tattoo ideas

#13. Sister tattoo ideas on arm.

#14. Sister tattoo ideas on hands.

#15. Awesome tattoo ideas for three siblings.

#16. If you are looking for simple drawings you can try this!

#17. Amazing sister tattoo ideas on fingers.

sister tattoo designs on fingers

#18. Little sister and big sister.

#19. Very small sister tattoo ideas.

very small sister tattoo ideas

#20. Sister tattoo ideas on the ankle.

sister tattoo on ankle

#21. Sister love tattoo symbols on ankle and wrist.

amazing sister tatoos

#22.  Matching sister tattoo ideas.

matching sister tattoos

#23. Siblings with same tattoo designs on the neck.

#24. Very small sister tattoo ideas on the wrist.

#25. Mandala sister tattoo ideas.

mandala sister tattoos

#26. Small compass tattoo design ideas for sisters.

#27. Simple drawing but looking so perfect.


#29. Sister tattoo ideas on foot.

minimalist sister tattoos

#30. Same design in the same place.

#31.  If you are looking for very small and simple line tattoos you can try this!

#32. Small infinity symbol sister tattoos on fingers.

#33. Love unlock symbol on the wrist.

#34. Sister tattoo ideas on the ribs.

sister tattoo on ribs

#35. There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you.Wow!

#36. 4/4 we are the same.

four sibling tattoo ideas

#37. Younger sister and elder sister.

#38. Earlier we have seen tattoo ideas on foot. Here we can see perfect matching designs for sisters.

#39. This is also a tattoo idea for three siblings.

#40. Hear symbol with sisters.

#41. Earlier we have seen this type of drawings but the design is different.

#42. Sister tattoo ideas on below ankle.

#43. Small love symbols on the fingers.

#44. Flower and arrow symbols.

#45. Perfect tattoo on ribs.

#46. There is no limit for this type of drawings. Whatever you want you can get!

This is all about sister tattoos, hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to share this wonderful designs with your friends on social media.