Selena Gomez’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

Selena Gomez Tattoos With Their Meanings

The 25-year-old actress and singer have several tattoos on her body. All are feminine, delicate those that we would all love to wear. For her they have a very special meaning, do you want to know about them? In this article, we will discuss Selena Gomez tattoos.

The Meaning Of Selena’s Delicate Tattoos

Musical note:

selena gomez music symbol tattoo

As a famous singer, she symbolizes her life around music.It was her first tattoo and she wears it on her wrist.This drawing represents her passion towards music.


selena gomez roman tattoo symbol.

The 76 in Roman numbers.She has tattooed it on the back of her neck, and it is the birth year of her mother Amanda Teefey, one of the most important people in her life.

‘Love yourself first’:

selena gomez love yourself tattoo

The singer tattooed this Arabic proverb on the right side of her back after thinking a lot. It looks great!

‘God Who Strengthens Me’:

selena gomez god strength me tattoo

Her hip is decorated with the phrase ‘ God is the one who gives me strength’. Selena is very believing and therefore did not hesitate to tattoo this extract from a quote from the bible, specifically Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me’.

G letter:

selena gomez g symbol tattoo

There were so speculations about the small letter G that the singer carries behind her ear . Some wanted to see in her a J in allusion to her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber. But she confessed that it had nothing to do with him but that it was a symbol of her faith in God (God, in English).

Sunshine tattoo:

selena gomez sunshine tattoo

Selena carries this word written on one of her feet. It literally means “Sunlight”. Without a doubt, a word that makes you “shine” every time you read it.

Om tattoo symbol:

selena gomez om tattoo symbol

The singer also tattooed the Om symbol, the sacred syllable for Hindus on her hip. Om is the whole, the universe and is one of the most widespread among people who practice yoga.

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