Saint George Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Saint George Tattoos

Saint George was born in a wealthy family in the Cappadocia region in 285. He converted to Christianity after the death of his father, he moved to Palestine along with his mother. His warrior spirit and combative nature led him to follow the military career in which he has always been in evidence for his intellect, strategic thinking, courage, physical strength, and noble posture. He was promoted to captain of the army and later that of Count by the emperor of Rome, Diocletian.

His devotion and faithfulness to the purposes of Jesus Christ were such. He was a fierce opponent in the imperial decree to exterminate everything and any Christian. His courage and boldness caused him to be tortured anyway. But, confident in the belief of the Lord and Savior of men, he never gave up and opened the hand of his faith. This position has gained popularity with other people – they also started to believe in their doctrine. However, Diocletian sentenced him to death in 303. After that, his devotion spread throughout the East and West.

Today, St. George is one of the saints most revered by the Catholic religion. He was named the holy warrior and auxiliary – the one who fights against various diseases – archangel of England by Pope John Paul II, patron of the city of London, Moscow, Barcelona as well as the Brazilian Army Cavalry, the Boy Scouts and even from Corinthians. In Brazil, San Jorge represents protection and warrior force in the struggle of the marginalized group of society. He is also known as the warrior Ogum – the main African god – in the Umbandist cult.

Christian martyr, St. George is a warrior and a fighter, therefore, his most popular image is this mounted on his horse and with a spear and/or sword.

Check out our gallery of 44 amazing tattoos suggestions of St. George:

  1. The well-crafted frame brings uniqueness to tattoo.

saint george tattoo design on arms

2. Good always wins!

saint george tattoo on back

3. Saint George tattoo, in shades of gray.

saint george tattoo in shades of grey

4. Include a version of the prayer to St. George

saint george tattoo for men

5. Saint George tattoo on the back.

Saint George tattoo on the back

6. Colorful, energetic and vibrant!

Colorful, energetic and vibrant saint george tattoo

7. More than one version of the English soldier.

8. The mandala style tattoo of St. George.

The mandala of St. George

9. The Christian martyr.

10. Bringing hope for the people!

11. Old school tattoo.

old school tattoo

12. Contour and a small tattoo on the shoulder.

Contour and small tattoo on the shoulder

13. Courage and persistence.

14. Defender of faith in God.

15. Use imagination and create your favorite saint!

16. More joy with the squared tones.

17. Saint George’s sword and armor on his arm.

Saint George's sword and armor on his arm

18. Saint George tattoo in shades of gray.

Saint George tattoo in shades of gray

19. Noble warrior stamped on the chest.

20. Positive and negative.

21. Pointillism brings more lightness.

22. The squared tones are more life to Saint George.

23. Figure present in English culture.

24. The mighty sword of St. George.

25. The most robust version of St. George.

26. If you prefer, represent without the horse: you are also right!

27. A devotee to St. George.

28. A heart was enlightened and precious.

29. St. George covered gives more notoriety and strength to tattoo.

30. Amazing shadow effect.

31. Tattoo of St. George in shades of gray on the arm.

Tattoo of St. George in shades of gray on the arm

32. Riding on his horse, his spear in his hand.

33. In tribute to his father.

34. Black and white St. George tattoo on arm.

Black and white St. George tattoo on arm

35. St. George’s fight against the evil dragon.

St. George's fight against the evil dragon

36. Remarkable, imposing and illustrious on the arm.

37. Keep sympathy!

38. Do you have the courage and personality? This tattoo is for you!

39. One of the most popular legends of St. George.

40. Vibrant and energetic tattoo of Saint George.

vibrant and energetic tattoo of saint george

41. St. George easily adapts on the leg

42. Colorful Saint George tattoo on arm.

43. Saint George and his iconic armor.

44. Prefer a bolder tattoo? try this one!

Hope you impressed by the iconic Saint George tattoos. Don’t hesitate to share these designs with your friends.