Pleasant Moon Tattoos Design Ideas With Their Meanings

Best Moon Tattoo Design Ideas With Their Meanings

Moon Tattoos: Moon is the only natural satellite and second brightest object in the sky. The moon exerts a great influence not only on gravity but also on evolution on our planet. Its synchronized rotation with the Earth allows the Moon to acquire four different faces through the light of the Sun, the same that allowed creating the concept of time and the calendar.

Its power is such that it has a direct impact on the effects of tides, fishing, agriculture, biological processes and even on human behavior. Although its symbolism is wide, the moon in its essence represents the cycles of life, the domain of time, immortality, the nocturnal guide.

The moon has an intimate relationship with the feminine and maternal relationship. It is associated with fertility, purity, protection, sensitivity, and intuition. So, moon tattoos are very popular among women.

In addition, each phase of the moon expresses different meanings. The most popular stage is the full moon. It symbolizes sociability, victory, power, and desire. Continuation we are going to discuss moon tattoos meaning.

Meaning Of Moon Tattoos:

  • The cyclical nature
  • Madness / whimsical character
  • The feminine mystique
  • The power of astrology
  • Magic
  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • The growth
  • The expulsion of negative energies

Variations Of Moon Tattoos:

Crescent moon – half moon

Doing a half-moon tattoo is a good way to show the duality of your own nature or life in general. The half-moon, or crescent moon, occurs when the moon is growing (approaching its full moon state) or decreasing (approaching its next phase). A crescent moon tattoo can symbolize several different things. If the moon is decreasing, it represents the expulsion of the negative energy from your personal, spiritual or professional life. You get rid of people, habits or things you no longer need and are harmful to you. However, if the moon is growing, it is a symbol of growth and creativity.

Full moon

Several superstitions exist in relation to the full moon, this is the moment when the influence of the moon on the earth is particularly strong, where we feel the power of this celestial body above us. The full moon is particularly associated with madness.

Another option for a full moon tattoo is to represent its Gothic connotations or those related to the other world. The full moon is traditionally associated with the time when werewolves transform, and witches and wizards utter the most powerful incantations. Wearing a full moon tattoo is a particularly strong symbol for Wicca devotees or those who believe in these beings. You can indicate your beliefs by drawing a witch flying in front of the moon or by adding a cauldron or a black cat under the star. If you want your moon tattoo to have a more gothic general symbolism, place thin black clouds floating in front of the moon or use it as a backdrop for a raven pattern, the death messenger, resting on a branch.

Wolf and moon

Moon itself is a powerful symbol, adding a wolf to the moon symbol creates a powerful meaning. The wolf is the important animal in the culture of North American people. This is why being a moon and wolf tattoo is particularly recommended for members of these tribes, people who have affinities with this culture or those who have a deep respect for nature.

Best Moon Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

#1. Beautiful crescent moon tattoo with roses.

Crescent moon tattoo

#2. Attractive moon tattoo ideas for girls.

moon tattoos for girls

#3. Colorful crescent moon tattoo, here we can see a girl image also.

#4. Watercolor moon tattoo ideas for girls.

watercolor moon tattoo image

#5. Creative moon tattoo.

creative moon tattoo

#6. Moon tattoo on the nape.

moon tattoo on nape

#7. Moon tattoo design ideas on the ankle.

moon tattoo on ankle

#8. Moon tattoo design ideas on the wrist.

#9. Moon tattoo with deer.

moon tattoo with deer

#10. Full moon tattoo design ideas on the back.

full moon tattoo on the back

#11. Small moon tattoo on the nape for girls.

small tattoo on the nape for girls

#12. Moon tattoo design ideas on the hand.

moon tattoo on hand

#13. Small moon tattoo ideas for boys.

small moon tattoos for boys

#14. Moon tattoo with clouds.

moon tattoo with clouds

#15. Moon tattoo design ideas on the foot.

moon tattoo on foot

#16. Geometric moon tattoo design on the shoulder for girls.

geometric moon tattoo on the shoulder for girls

#17. Moon tattoo with a triangle.

moon tattoo with triangle

#18. Moon tattoo with a beautiful quotation.

moon tattoo with quote

#19. Small crescent moon tattoo ideas for girls on the neck.

small crescent moon tattoo for girls

#20. Moon tattoo design idea for the arm.

moon tattoo on the arm

#21. Moon tattoo design ideas for forearms.

moon tattoo on forearm

#22. Crescent moon tattoo on the ankle.

crescent moon tattoo on the ankle


moon tattoos for boys


moon tattoo on the chest



moon tattoo design ideas for wrist





moon tattoo with astronaut
















moon tattoo with whale


moon tattoo with howling wolf





very small moon tattoo on the wrist





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