40 Stunning Mandala Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Mandala Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings For Men And Women

In this article, we will discover different meanings and symbols of the mandala tattoo, as well as the locations of the body to get it tattooed.

In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle”, “sphere”, “community”. Present in Hindu culture, it is also found among Buddhists where it is used to meditate.

What are the different meanings of mandala tattoos:

An invitation to meditate:

The mandala is a pretty nice thing to look at, but it is not used to be decorative only. This drawing that is made to meditate, is also an invitation to come into contact with another world. Tattooed people, who wear a mandala, maybe sometimes looking for a strong link with spirituality?

Ying and Yang:

A person who meditates with a mandala can attain ying and yang, which is an important notion among Buddhists. Wearing the tattoo of a mandala is also in a sense a way to overcome the bad facets of his karma.

A lucky charm:

Wearing a mandala tattoo is also a way to attract beneficial spirits, we could compare it to a guardian angel! So, if you come across a person wearing a mandala, you can tell that he/she is fundamentally attracted to positive things, light, harmony.

Why mandala tattoos are popular

It is popular because today people are looking for spirituality and positive things to forget gloomy and anxious daily life. The mandala offers all these components because it allows you to forget about drawing and coloring.

Here you can see 40 brilliant mandala tattoo designs for men and women:

#1. Different styles of mandala tattoo for women on hands.

mandala tattoo

#2.  Stunning tattoo design on the belly of a woman.

mandala tattoo on belly

#3. Tattoo design of mandala on the thigh.

mandala tattoo on thigh

#4. An elegant design for girls.

mandala tattoo for girls

#5.Mandala tattoo on the arm of a girl.

mandala tattoo on arm

#6. A tattoo design of mandala on the arm of a girl.

mandala tattoo on whole arm

#7. Tattoo design of a mandala with flower design.

mandala tattoo with a flower

#8. Beautiful tattoo design on the back side of a girl.

mandala tattoo on back


stunning mandala tattoo design

#10. Mandala tattoo on the shoulder of a woman.

mandala tattoo on shoulder


discrete mandala tattoo





large mandala tattoo design

#16. This design looking so perfect for girls.

small design for women








mandala tattoo design with flower

Mandala tattoo designs for men:


mandala tattoo for men


mandala tattoo for men on arm


#27.A tattoo design of a mandala on the shoulder.

mandala tattoo for men on shoulder



mandala tattoo for men on arm


#31. Tattoo design for men, associated with an owl.

mandala tattoo with owl design



#34. Mandala tattoo design for men on hand.

mandala tattoo for men on hand

#35. Tribal shaped tattoo design of mandala.






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