Best Lion Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Daring Lion Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

If you like tattoos and you have not yet decided on a special one. Maybe lion tattoos are the best option for you.I invite you to discover some lion tattoos and their meaning. Let’s start

Meaning of the lion Tattoos

The lion tattoo symbolizes authority, power. People who choose this noble animal for their tattoo may have different explanations of what their tattoo means.

The lion is a beautiful creature who makes pretty tattoo designs. Its nature supposes its characteristic qualities. As the lion is very beautiful, he is also dangerous. In fairy tales and traditional stories, all the animals of the jungle dread lion.

The lion’s foot is found in many cultures where he was celebrated for his strength, his courage, his intrepid side and his wisdom. Wearing a tattoo representing a lion can be a way of appropriating some of the qualities of this animal which is also the symbol of certain royal families. The following qualities represent the lion.

  • Authority and Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Power
  • Force
  • Victory
  • Alert status
  • Wisdom and Intellect
  • Justice
  • Honor
  • Royalty and Nobility
  • Courage
  • Divine spirituality
  • Familiarity
  • Maternity (in the case of lionesses)
  • Symbol of the Zodiac “Leo”.

You can get best lion tattoo ideas from here

#1. Lion tattoo has drawn on the chest with an associate design of a flower.

lion tattoos on chest

#2. Lion tattoo has drawn from shoulder to chest.

lion tattoo on chest and shoulder

#3. Simple lion tattoo with geometric designs has drawn on the back side.

lion tattoos on back

#4. Lion tattoo ideas for men.

#5. Small lion tattoo ideas.

small lion tattoos

#6. The small tattoo of a lion has drawn on the wrist.

lion tattoos on arm

#7. Very small and simple lion tattoo ideas for girls.

girly lion tattoos

#8. Cute lion tattoo ideas for girls.

#9. Small lion tattoo ideas on fingers.

small lion tattoos

#10. Lion tattoo ideas on back.

lion tattoos on back

#11. Lion tattoo has drawn on the arm in a triangle shape.

best lion tattoos

#12. Ferocious lion tattoo ideas for men.

#13. Watercolor lion tattoo has drawn on the forearm.

lion tattoos on forearm

#14. Lion head designed on the back.

#15. Colored lion tattoo has drawn on the arm of women.

lion tattoos for women

#16. lioness tattoos ideas for females.

lioness tattoos for females

#17. Shoulder tattoo ideas for females.

lion shoulder tattoo female

#18. Most attractive lion tattoo has drawn on the arm of this girl.

lion tattoo ideas for women

#19. If you are looking for large designs, look at this.

lion full back tattoo

#20. Cute lion tattoo ideas for men and women.

#21. Lion head tattoo designed on the forearm.

#22. Lion tattoo covers the full hand.

#23. Lion head tattoo ideas on the forearm.

#24. Lion tattoo design with optical illusion.

#25. Simple lion tattoo ideas on the forearm for boys.

#26. Most attractive lion tattoo ideas for girls.

#27. Very attractive lion tattoo design on the back side of the woman.

#28. Arm lion tattoo ideas for boys.

#29. Forearm lion tattoo ideas for boys.

#30. Tribal shaped lion tattoo ideas.

#31. Simple lion head tattoo designed on the chest.

#32. Lion and cub tattoo ideas.

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