Henna Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Women

Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs For Women

The henna tattoo, or mehndi, is a traditional practice that involves drawing on the skin, usually hands or feet. It is an ephemeral tattoo made with henna paste, a natural dye derived from the powder of a plant (Lawsonia inermis). The patterns are usually floral or abstract. The henna tattoo is said to have different symbolism in different countries, but its aesthetic makes it an asset of feminine seduction, especially for brides.

How To Make Henna Tattoo

Henna paste is created by mixing the powder of the plant with a liquid. Rose water, tea, coffee, lemon juice, the recipes are many. This paste is applied to the skin using a brush, a plastic cone or a syringe without a needle for a precise application according to the chosen patterns. Then leave the henna at least an hour under a film. When removed, the drawing first time looks like orange in color, then it will darken over time to take an auburn color. To let the color develop, it is important not to wash your skin in the hours following the henna tattoo.

How long does a henna tattoo last

A tattoo with natural henna fades gradually with the renewal of the epidermis and remains generally visible between 2 and 3 weeks. The lifespan of a henna tattoo depends on several factors.According to the choice and the quantity of liquid used for the mixture, the dough marks more or less the skin. The exposure time is also decisive: the more you want your henna tattoo to last, the longer it will take to rest on your skin.

What are the risks with henna tattoos?

Beware of black henna tattoos!in recent times there have been many cases of allergic reactions, sometimes serious also. The substance paraphenylenediamine or phenylenediamine added to the natural henna to make it black is the cause of allergic reactions. so always choose 100% natural henna.

Here you can find 20 best henna tattoo designs:

1. Henna tattoo on the wrist of the girl, looking so beautiful!

Henna tattoo on hand

2. A tattoo on the finger, looking so pretty.

Henna tattoo on finger

3. It seems to be very realistic.

Henna tattoo on hands

4. Tattoo design of henna on an ankle.

henna tattoo on ankle

5. Henna tattoos for a girl on the back side.

Henna tattoo for girls

6. A classic design of a henna tattoo for hands.

Henna tattoo for hands

7. Again it’s a classic design of henna.

classic henna tattoo

8. A tribal style tattoo design of henna.

Tribal henna tattoo

9. A small henna tattoos design for women.

a designed henna tattoo

10. Henna tattoos on the palm of a hand, looking so gorgeous.

henna tattoo on palm

11. Styled henna tattoo design.

styled henna tattoo design

12. Henna tattoo for girls.

henna tattoo for girls

13. It’s a very large henna tattoos design, almost covered hand.

large henna tattoo design

14. Henna tattoos on foot, design mostly liked by women.

henna tattoo on foot

15. A colored henna tattoo design.

a colored henna tattoo


stylish henna tattoo design

17. Tattoo design of henna with an associated design of a flower.

henna tattoo with flower designs

18. Tattoo design of henna with an animal symbol.

henna tattoo with animal symbol


20. A thick black henna tattoos for women.

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