45 Stunning Hamsa Tattoos To Inspire You

Stunning Hamsa Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

Hamsa tattoos: Hamsa is a term of Arabic origin that means “five”, in reference to the 5 fingers of the human hand.

The Hamsa is present in several oriental doctrines, as in Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, with their own meanings according to each religion. The hamsa, or “hand of Mirian” term used in the world of the Jews, although also known as “hand of Fatima” by the Muslims, and by the Buddhism called “Abhaya Mundra”.

Hamsa Tattoos Meaning

Fatima’s hand:

The Hamsa also acquires the name of Fatima,  Prophet Muhammad had a daughter called Fatima. Here is the great story of her.

Fatima, busy in the kitchen preparing the food, upon hearing that her husband Ali arrived unexpectedly, goes out to meet him, and her great surprise is that he was accompanied by a beautiful concubine. Fatima with prudent and silent attitude, returns to the kitchen with great sadness, paid no attention to her actions, and had a pot with fire boiling broth and put her hand to remove the stew.

Due to the strong pain that was going through her heart, she did not feel the physical pain, but Ali saw what was happening and, he rushed at her, screaming, the moment in which Fatima realized that her hand was burning and then pulled out of the pot.

By virtue of the above, “the hand of Fatima” represents good luck and the virtues of patience, fidelity, and fertility. In addition, protection, especially to pregnant women, for their protection of the womb.

The hand of Hamsa is one of the favorites among the female audience, to carry with it the aesthetic beauty as well as being a symbol associated with women in general. Check out our gallery of 45 amazing Hamsa tattoo suggestions and find your next lucky charm here:

45 Amazing Hamsa tattoo to inspire you:

#1. Simple hamsa tattoo design with more defined features.

hamsa tattoo simple

#2. Hamsa tattoo in shades of gray on the arm.

#3. Small hamsa tattoos for the forearm.

small hamsa tattoo

#4. Magnificent hamsa tattoo.

#5. Tattoo occupied the entire arm.

hamsa tattoo on forearm

#6. Very small hamsa tattoo.

#7. Several important elements gathered in a single tattoo.

#8. Non-continuous lines give more delicacy to the tattoo.

#9. In black and white combination.

#10. Highlights the lotus flower and the eye.

#11. Original and creative!

#12. Impossible to be wrong with the watercolor tones.

#13. A double mirror.

#14. Well executed shadows!

hamsa tattoo in shadow

#15. He has the strength!

#16. The Turkish eye reinforces the protection.

#17. Small and black and white also gives super good!

hamsa tattoo for women

#18. Two versions of hamsa tattoos printed on the arm.

hamsa tattoos for girls

#19. Symbol of femininity.

#20. Strenght and courage!

#21. Striking and remarkable hamsa tattoo on the arm.

#22. Black and white hamsa tattoo on the arm.

#23. Referring to the oriental culture.

#24. Black and white hamsa tattoo ideas on the arm.

black and white hamsa tattoo

#25. Hamsa tattoo ideas for couples.

hamsa tattoos for couples

#26. Hama tattoo with a quote.

#27. Colored hamsa tattoo design on the arm.

#28. Well feminine with lotus flowers.

#29. Full of life!

hamsa tattoo design ideas

#30. Colors bring more life to the tattoo!

colorful hamsa tattoo designs


#31. How about adding the Greek eye, fish, and flowers?


#32. Harmony and balance.

#33. Vibrant.

#34. The eye always accompanies the hamsa tattoo.

#35. The hamsa tattoo fits perfectly on the foot!

#36. Black and white hamsa tattoo is a perfect combination.

#37. Hamsa tattoo with contour elephant.

#38. The lotus flower in the center of the hand.

#39. Beautiful Hamsa tattoo on the arm.

#40. Vibrant and cheerful!

#41. Choose your favorite color and put your hamsa hand on back side.

#42. One of the best places to stamp the hamsa tattoo.

#43. Lovely hamsa tattoo on the wrist.

#44. Delicate strokes give charm and the grace to the tattoo.

#45. You can draw your favorite tattoo in any manner.


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