36 Gun Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Gun Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

In this article, we will not discuss weapons and their uses. We will focus solely on the different meanings attributed to gun tattoo, trying to be as objective as possible. But if you want to know my opinion, I think that having a gun tattoo is a risky thing, because it is a design strongly associated with a set of values that many people disagree.

When we think of weapons drawings, we associate them almost immediately with a collective imagination. In this fantasy, weapons are represented in a realistic way, in terms of size, proportions, and nuances. However, there are also other drawings that refer to video games or that represent the weapons in a more comic way, in these cases. This type of tattoo decreases the risk of negative reactions or rejection compared to the tattooed object.

In addition to the fact that the reasons why someone chooses to have a gun tattooed can tell us a lot about his / her personality, we must be aware that these tattooed elements will certainly create conflicts later and that the person wearing them must have strong arguments to make when asked why he/ she was tattooed with a weapon. This fact shows that people who choose to tattoo a weapon are self-confident people because their decision must be unwavering and they must not be swayed by what others say or think.

These type of drawings are very controversial so that the person who tattooed them must be very sure of it because it is a design that always causes reactions from people who see it.

Here you can find 37 gun tattoo designs:

  1. A gun simulating to be trapped with a garter belt. Very awesome.

gun tattoo with garter belt

2. A rifle that covers the entire forearm.

gun tattoo for arm

3. Woman with a gun in her hand.Very realistic tattoo.

gun tattoo for women

4. We’ve seen a tattoo like that before. A weapon fixed by a suspender belt. Tattoos for women.

gun tattoo for women on hand

5. Gun, roses and the message “True love”, sincere love.

gun tattoo with message

6. More guns and roses.

gun tattoo with flower roses

7. Pistol on the dorsal surface of a man’s foot.

gun tattoo for men foot

8. An original design of a weapon that covers the arms and the fingers.

gun tattoo for arms and fingers

9. A realistic gun tattoo design for men.

realistic gun tattoo


11. Nice design of two cannons that draw hearts and musical notes.

gun tattoo for girl on back side

12. Two rifles crossed with a message at the top.

gun tattoo with message

13. Small tattoo on the torso of a girl.

small gun tattoo on torso

14. Gun tattoo on the waist.Looking so fantastic.

gun tattoo on waist

15. Small tattoo on the chest.

16. An original design that is a gun with all the fingers of the hand.

gun tattoo on fingers

17. Firearm throughout the forearm and a message underneath in an unknown language.

gun tattoo design with message

18. A classic gun tattoo design.Looking so simple.

classic gun tattoo design

19. Very realistic tattoo with a gun and bullets.

gun tattoo with bullets

20. Large tattoo decorated with various colors, which occupies the whole arm.

large gun tattoo

21. An original tattoo that covers the whole head of this boy.

gun tattoo on head

22. Simple design on the leg.

simple gun tattoo on leg

23. Medium gun tattoo design on hand.

medium gun tattoo design

24. Photo of a tattoo on the palm of the hand.

gun tattoo on palm

25. Gun simulating being in its cover.

stimulating gun tattoo

26. We have seen these type of designs earlier.

gun tattoo with holder

27. Sexy girl with a big tattoo on the side.

gun tattoo for girl

28. This tattoo covers the total side of the body.

very large gun tattoo design

29. Two pistols with another design.

30. Gun tattoo design with a skull.

gun tattoo with skull

31. Woman pirate holding a gun.

woman pirate gun tattoo

32. Large rifle in the forearm.

gun tattoo on forearm

33. Holding a gun is not possible for everyone, but this possible with tattoo only.


35. A woman’s chest decorated with roses and a message in English.

36. Photo of a boy showing a real weapon and his tattoo.

real weapon tattoo

This is all about gun tattoo designs. Hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to share this wonderful tattoo designs with your friends on social media.