40 Best Gemini Tattoo Ideas For Men And Womem

Best Gemini Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac symbols. People who are born between May 21 and June 21 are under this zodiac sign. People born under the sign known to be kind, loving, faithful, enthusiastic and witty. In this article, we are going to discuss Gemini tattoos and their meanings.

Meaning Of The Gemini Tattoos:

Gemini is also an air sign. Its symbol is a pair of twins opposed to each other. Being represented by two twins it is said that his character is double, versatile, changing. It has as an opposite sign to Sagittarius and is an air sign, just like pound and Aquarius.

It is true that the changing and dual personality can be related to the Gemini quite rightly, that is why it is a sign whose symbol is two twins opposed to each other. The twins that appear in the Gemini symbol are called Castor and Pollux. According to ancient Greek myths, Castor was a mere mortal, while his brother was an immortal God. Pollux was immortal and wishes to spend more time with his brother. Most of the symbols of the signs of the zodiac come from Greek mythology or from Babylonian culture.

It is a zodiac sign that is defined by duality since it is the sign of the twins. Thus, the Gemini people are complex but at the same time, they are profoundly special.

The same goes for the Gemini symbol. It is a tattoo that represents all that complexity of the personality of the Gemini.

So it is the perfect tattoo for horoscope lovers and the people who born under this zodiac sign. It represents the sociable and kind personality as well as that strong concept of a fraternal union that symbolizes this sign in concrete.

Depending on the element we decide to Gemini tattoos, we can opt for a tattoo of larger or smaller size. In the case of the symbol of the two columns, it can be perfectly a small design between the fingers or behind the ear. If we opt for the two twins, it can be a larger tattoo with many details, for example on the back, chest, abdomen or thighs.

40 Best Gemini Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women:

#1. Gemini tattoos ideas for girls.

gemini tattoos for females

#2. An awesome Gemini tattoo has drawn on the lower back. Here we can see animals also.

#3. Gemini zodiac symbol has drawn on the forearm.

Gemini tattoo on forearm

#4. Awesome Gemini tattoo has drawn on the forearm, tattoo ideas for women.

gemini tattoos for ribs

#5. Gemini tattoo ideas for the forearm.

#6. Gemini zodiac symbol has drawn on the waist.

Gemini tattoos on waist

#7. Gemini constellation symbol tattoo ideas for men and women.

Gemini constellation symbol tattoos

#8. Gemini tattoo ideas for guys.

gemini tattoos for guys

#9. Gemini tattoo ideas for women, very large design.

Gemini tattoo ideas for women

#10. Simple Gemini tattoo ideas.

simple gemini tattoos

#11. The Gemini tattoo idea is really unique for a boy’s macho arms.

Gemini tattoos for arm

#12. Cute Gemini tattoo ideas for girls.

cute gemini tattoos

#13.  The very simple tattoo has drawn on the backside of the girl.

simple Gemini tattoos

#14. Colorful zodiac symbol tattoo ideas for girls.

#15. Most attractive Gemini tattoo ideas.

#16. Earlier we have seen this type of drawing but here we can see some colored dots.

#17. Small zodiac symbol has drawn on the backside, you can see an arrow also.

#18. Simply wrote ” Gemini ” on his ribs, without any symbols.

Gemini tattoo ideas for boys

#19. As we know Gemini is the sign of twins. This design represents it.

#20. Gemini tattoo with roman numbers.

unique Gemini tattoos

#21. If you are looking for unique designs, you can try this.

Gemini constellation tattoos

#22. Gemini symbol with flowers, perfect idea for girls.

Gemini tattoos with flowers

#23. In the previous design, we have seen flowers, we can see roses here.

Gemini tattoos with roses

#24. Cute Gemini tattoo has drawn on the foot.

cute gemini tattoos

#25. Gemini constellation symbol with stars.

Gemini tattoo with stars

#26. Unique tattoo ideas for Gemini girls.

#27. Unique Gemini tattoo ideas for boys.

#28. If you looking for tattoos on the foot, this is the best idea.

#29. Simple zodiac symbol has drawn on the neck with roses.

#30. Very small and cute Gemini tattoo for females.

#31. Gemini tattoo design in the upper back for women.

#32. Gemini tattoo design idea is totally awesome on the lower legs for a girl.

#33. Gemini tattoo idea on the thighs for women who achieve the exclusive look.

#34. Gemini Tattoo Design Idea is really pretty with black color for girls.

#35. Cool Gemini tattoo in the upper back for guys.

#36. Awesome Gemini tattoo idea on the woman’s upper back.

#37. Small Gemini tattoo idea on the lower hand for females.

#38. Top Gemini tattoo design idea for girls.

#39. Creative Gemini sign tattoo design idea for girls.

#40. Gemini tattoo design idea for lower thighs.

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