35 Brilliant Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women With Meanings

Do you like dragon tattoos? Well, you are in the right article, because here we will guide you through the different variants and designs of these mythological creatures. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about the meaning of each of these tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos Meaning

Men prefer these tattoos for their meaning of being a symbol of strength, courage, courage and family protection. Others prefer to think of them as a tattoo that represents the wisdom, nobility, and bravery of a legendary guardian.

On the other hand, the ladies prefer them for other reasons that I will expose you next. For them, dragons symbolize fertility, strength, wisdom, courage, courage, and protection.

Here you can find 35 brilliant dragon tattoos design for men and women:

  1. Large oriental-looking dragon that starts on the shoulder and descends on the arms.

dragon tattoos on shoulder

2. This tattoo is very original. A dragon who holds a guitar with a message inside in Japanese letters.

dragon tattoos with a message

3. A dragon flying in the clouds, tattooed on the chest and shoulder of this boy.

flying dragon tattoos

4. Spectacular tattoo of a large oriental dragon on the back of this girl.

dragon tattoos for girls

5. Blue dragon that seems frozen on the leg.

blue dragon tattoos design

6. A dragon formed of tribal features, on the wrist and part of the forearm.

tribal shaped dragon tattoos

7. Famous actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is wearing a tattoo of a big Asian dragon surrounded by sunflowers on her back.

celebrity dragon tattoo

8. We have already seen several drawings of this type. A big dragon tattoo that covers his entire back. It’s very common for both girls and boys.

dragon tattoos for men

9. Dragon tattooed with black tribal patterns that tear the skin of the boy’s shoulder.

black tribal dragon tattoo

10. A roaring dragon covering the shoulder and part of the torso.

roaring dragon tattoo

11. Large oriental-looking dragon appearing in the clouds, tattooed on the side.

oriental looking dragon tattoo

12. This girl wears a very provided and threatening dragon tattoo, with large wings, tattooed on her back.

dragon tattoo ideas for girls

13. An Asian woman with the tattooed back of a big dragon in black and white, coming down, in a menacing pose. Dragons are very popular among people of Asian origin because dragons have always been present in their culture.

14. More tattooed back images showing large oriental red dragon tattoo.

red dragon tattoo

15. A girl with a huge tattoo that represents the fight of a panther and a huge dragon.

huge dragon tattoo

16. Dragon has drawn as a climbing plant, which completely surrounds the leg, from the knee to the ankle.

dragon tattoo ideas for ankle

17. Scary image of the tattoo of a dragon coming down, surrounded by threatening flames, with claws ready for the attack.

ferocious dragon tattoo

18. I do not think this creature is a dragon but it looks like it and I thought I had to include it in the gallery too.

19. Back showing the legendary fight between the Phoenix and the dragon.

phoenix and the dragon

20. Sensual girl with an oriental dragon tattoo on her back.

21. Amazing three-dimensional tattoo flying on the back of a boy.

three dimensional dragon tattoo

22. Back of a woman decorated with a dragon with pretty bright colors.

dragon tattoo with bright colors

23. Dragon tattoo near a cross and triangle with the colors.

dragon tattoo with symbols

24. Little Dragon tattoo on the back.

discreet dragon tattoo

25. An orange and black dragon with confused shapes, sharp nails, and big fangs.

orange and black dragon tattoo

26. An incredible image in the shape of a dragon’s head, with tribal letters above.

dragon tattoo with tribal letters

27. Colorful image of a dragon tattooed on the chest, full of details and colors contrasting with the black.

28. Dragon drawing in orange and green tones, which occupies all this male chest.

29. Amazing dragon with shadow effects and large wings, sitting on a black cloud.

30. Drawing of a dragon above a rose, made on the side of a girl’s leg.

dragon tattoo ideas for girls

31. Bearded dragon who seems to be a defiant attitude. Drawing full of bright and warm colors.

32. Little Dragon in the shape of a horse.

horse shaped dragon tattoo

33. Image of two dragons, one in blue tones and another in brown tones.

34. Here, it looks like the drawing was done with colored pencils, a very personal and creative result.

35. Amazing tattoo in dragon shape and bright colors.

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