Top 50 Disney Tattoos Ideas For Disney Lovers

Awesome Disney Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

If you are a lover of tattoos and at the same time a fan of some Disney movie, series or character, this is for you! In this article, we are going to discuss Disney tattoos.

No matter how old you are, Disney tattoos always make us feel like children again. We remember the dialogues and songs from memory. We still get excited about our favorite characters, situations, and stories that we have been watching since our childhood.

That’s why it’s not strange to see some Disney-inspired tattoos, these are the true masterpieces.

The world of Disney is not far behind as a source of inspiration to get a tattoo, because as we will see in the following images. There are people who have decided to record their characters, symbols and favorite phrases of the multimillion-dollar franchise permanently. Many of us have grown up with all these wonderful movies that once made us dream.

Here you can see top 50 Disney tattoo ideas for Disney lovers:

#1. Mulan Disney tattoo.

disney tattoos ideas

#2. Stitch Disney tattoo.

#3. Cheshire cat.

cheshire cat disney tattoo

#4.  Silhouettes of Simba, Timón, and Pumba.

#5. Ariel.

ariel disney tattoo

#6. Mickey and Minnie.

mickey and minnie tattoo

#7. Rex.

rex disney tattoos

#8. Minnie’s bow.

minnie bow tattoo

#9.  Maleficent.

maleficent disney tattoos

#10. Sullivan and Wazowski.

sullivan and wazowski tattoos

#11. Queen Grimhilde.

queen grimhilde tattoos

#12. Disney Castle.

Disney Castle tattoos

#13. Simba.

simba tattoo

#14. Snow White.

Snow White tattoos

#15. Mickey’s hands forming a heart.

#16. I put and Perdita.

Perdita tattoos

#17. Mickey and Minnie small tattoos.

#18. Marie.

marie disney tattoo

#19. Disney Castle in the mirror.

disney castle tattoo in the mirror

#20. Walt Disney and some characters.

#21. Dumbo.

dumbo tattoo outline

#22. Silhouettes of Peter Pan.

peter pan tattoo

#23. Carl and Ellie.

carl and ellie tattoo

#24. The genius of the lamp.

the genius of the lamp tattoo

#25. Eva and Wall-E.

wall-e eve tattoo

#26. The Little Mermaid.

the little mermaid tattoo

#27. Flanders.

#28. Bambi.

bambi tattoo

#29. The sleeping beauty.

the sleeping beauty tattoo

#30. Rose of Beauty and the Beast.

#31. Simple and innocent Bambi full of elegance on the forearm.

#32. The famous nanny who made all the children dream of enjoying their company once. Her unmistakable silhouette in the sky is the reason that this young woman got tattooed.

#33. “Until … the infinite,” Says the tattoo that recalls Buzz Light Year’s phrase “To infinity and beyond”

#34. Alice in Wonderland.

#35. Disney Castle.

#36. Winnie the Pooh tattoo.

winnie the pooh tattoo

#37. Toy Story.

#38. Beautiful, this is one of the most tender of this collection.

#39. We also love it. The child puppet decorates the back of this girl with very clean lines.

#40. Dream.

#41. Nightmare before Christmas.

#42. Paperman.

#43. Brave.

#44. Ratatouille.

ratatouille disney tattoos

#45. With simple colors, the drawing is very successful. It seems to have depth.

disney tattoo ideas

#46. Looking for Nemo.

#47. Dying will be an unpleasant adventure.

#48. Cinderella “Once upon a time”.

#49. Mickey balloon.

Mickey balloon tattoos

#50. Simply believe.

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This is all about Disney tattoos, hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to share this wonderful designs with your friends on social media.