Best Crow Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Men And Women

Unique Crow Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

When we think of a unique and interesting tattoo theme, the one that strikes our mind is the crow tattoo theme. These designs are popular among men and women, this tattoo illustrates the features and attributes of the raven. Above all, crows are always considered ominous, bearers of death and lost souls. In this article, we are going to discuss crow tattoos designs and their meanings.

These birds are believed to be the link between life and death. Many people believe that crow is the sign of bad luck and mysterious. Raven is the national bird of the Yukon.

Meaning of Crow Tattoos

Choosing the best design for your crow tattoo is not easy because if you do not look carefully every detail, you can end up with a huge black spot that does not look like a crow or any other bird.

The crow is one of those birds that has adapted perfectly to live close to humans, so for centuries it has been seen as an important part of our life as a species.

Because of their closeness and sometimes even brazenness, we have been privileged to see them projecting themselves before varied situations of life, leaving in us that sensation of being observed by a being of extreme intelligence. Crows itself have acquired several meanings as mentioned below.

  • Intelligence and cunning.
  • Scam.
  • Omens of misfortune and bad luck.
  • Creation and birth.
  • Forecast.
  • Messenger of the gods.
  • Healing and medicine.
  • Provision.

Crow tattoo designs and ideas for men and women:

#1. Crow tattoo ideas for the arm. Here we can see roses also.

crow tattoo arm

#2. Simple crow tattoo ideas for men.

simple crow tattoo

#3. Crow tattoo ideas for girls.

crow tattoos for girls

#4. Crow tattoo ideas for boys on shoulder and arm.

crow tattoos for boys

#5. Crow tattoo ideas on the forearm.

crow tattoo forearm

#6. If you are looking for realistic crow tattoo designs, you can try this!

crow tattoo designs

#7. This design seems to be inspired by the real image. Looking so natural.

small raven tattoo

#8. Crow tattoo design ideas on the hands.

crow tattoo on hands

#9. Crow tattoo design ideas on the shoulder.

crow tattoo shoulder

#10. Carton style crow tattoo on the neck.

crow tattoo on neck

#11. Crow tattoo ideas on the forearm.

crow tattoos for forearm

#12. Two crows tattoo ideas for men.

two crows tattoo

#13. Crow tattoo ideas on back.

#14. Pixel crow tattoo ideas for men and women.

#15. Crow tattoo ideas for women.

crow tattoos for women

#16. Traditional crow tattoo ideas.

crow tattoo traditional

#17. Again it is tattoo idea on the forearm.

#18. So many crows on the forearm, we can see a skull also.

crow tattoo with skull

#19. Crow tattoo ideas on the chest for men.

#20. Beautiful crow tattoo design ideas for girls.

crow tattoo ideas for girls

#21. Crow silhouette tattoo ideas for men and women.

crow silhouette tattoo

#22. Crow tattoo ideas for girls on the arm.

#23. Crow tattoo designs for men and women.

crow tattoo design

#24. If you are looking for large designs, you can try this type of designs.

#25. Earlier we’ve seen two crows, here we can see three crows.

#26.  Unique crow tattoo ideas for girls.

unique crow tattoos

#27. Crow design ideas on thighs.

crow tattoos on thighs

#28. Crow tattoo with crown looking so different.

#29. Crow tattoo design with skull, earlier we’ve seen this type of drawing.

crow tattoo with skull

#30. Very small crow tattoo ideas.

#31. Large design of a crow on the backside of a woman.

#32. Very large crow tattoo design on the chest of a woman.

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