50+ Awesome Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Men And Women With Meanings

Cherry Blossom Tattoos With Their Meanings

Cherry blossom tattoos: The cherry tree is a beautiful tree that produces pink or white flowers. In China and Japan, we can see many cherry trees, because they have great aesthetic value and practical utility. The flowers and leaves of the cherry tree are edible. Some Japanese culinary specialties contain these ingredients. They can also be seasoned and found on supermarket shelves in Japan as snacks. Tea made with these seasoned cherry blossoms is fairly pleasant and moderately safe taste. Some floral arrangements also use cherry blossoms and are seen at many weddings.

The fascination for this tree is not limited to its beauty and its usefulness. The life cycle of the Sukara tree (Japanese cherry tree) is also intriguing. The cherry tree is naked during winter, but in the spring, flowering takes place, all its abundance will disappear after a week.

The drawings of tattoos of cherry blossoms come from Chinese culture and are one of the icons that have crossed the world of oriental tattoos and arrive in the West. With its elegant design and rich meaning, this tattoo design is extremely popular worldwide for men and women of all ages. From China, the popularity of this tattoo design has also spread to Japan. However, in this country, the flowering Sakura can also represent the Samurai warrior.

Cherry blossom Tattoos Meaning

The cherry tree has different meanings depending on the different cultures. Each cultural entity also gives different meanings to its flowers. In China, the cherry tree symbolizes the domination of women and amplifies their power in the areas of $exuality and love.

Tattoo bearers can choose a cherry blossom tattoo as a symbol of their independence, strength, and resilience to the challenges of life. The flower is also a sign of luck for the Chinese.

In Japan, Sakura has contradictory meanings. While this tree reminds them that life is short, for this reason, they desire to live life as intensively as possible. This meaning and symbolism are embedded in Japanese culture and were already there in Samurai times. At that time, the wisdom of the warriors was extremely admired.

Ideal placement of tattoos of cherry blossoms:

The arm is the best place to place a cherry blossom tattoo. The flowering branches that extend naturally show the true beauty of this tattoo. The arm highlights this design and reveals the attractiveness of the flowers placed on the branches. For men, the best place to place large detailed drawings on the back or upper chest. The arms can accommodate a medium size tattoo, whose flowers appear to surround this part of the body.

The thighs, especially in women, are a great place for a brightly colored tattoo that will contrast beautifully with the skin.

The colorful tattoos of flowers have an adorable rendering on a small foot of woman and have the advantage of being either shown or hidden. Tattoos on the shoulders are suitable for both men and women.

Check out the latest and coolest tattoo designs and ideas for cherry blossom tattoos:

#1. Cherry blossom tattoos for couples.

cherry blossom tattoos for couples

#2. Cherry blossom tattoo design ideas on the forearm.

#3. Cherry blossom tattoos on foot.

cherry blossom tattoos on foot

#4. Cherry blossom tattoos on wrist.

cherry blossom tattoos on wrist

#5. Cherry blossom tattoos on the waist.

cherry blossom tattoos on waist

#6. Do you prefer different formats? This model is for you!

cherry blossom tattoos black and white

#7. Large cherry blossom tattoo design ideas.

large cherry blossom tattoo designs

#8. Perfect for men full of attitude!

 cherry blossom tattoos for men

#9.  Cherry blossom petals tattoo design ideas.

cherry blossom tattoos for girls

#10. Cherry blossom tattoos on arms.


 cherry blossom tattoos on arms

#11. Cherry blossom tattoo design ideas on the wrist.

 cherry blossom tattoos on the wrist

#12. Color cherry blossom tattoo on the leg.

cherry blossom tattoos on leg

#13. For cherry lovers not only one but two on the wrist.

cherry blossom tattoo design ideas on the wrist

#14. Kisses with an aroma of Sakura on the shoulder.

cherry blossom tattoos on shoulder

#15. Cherry blossom tattoo with the sword of the samurai.

#16. How dare you? Choose to stamp the cherry tree!

cherry blossom tattoos on ankle

#17. Full of style and personality.

stylish cherry blossom tattoo ideas

#18.  Be sweet with cherry blossom tattoo.

#19. Cherry tree in shades of gray on the arm.

cherry blossom tattoo in shades of grey

#20. Cherry blossoms that embellish the leg.

cherry blossom tattoos on leg

#21. Cherry blossom tattoo with quotes for girls.

cherry blossom tattoo with quotes

#22. Hidden, but full of charm!

#23. Dare and risk yourself in the reddish tones: it’s perfect!

#24. The foot is one of the favorite areas to fix the cherry tattoo.

cherry tattoo ideas on foot

#25. Vibrant colors bring more joy to your cherry blossom tattoo.

colorful cherry blossom tattoo

#26. Cherry tattoo ideas for girls on thighs.

blossom cherry tattoo on thighs

#27. Cherry blossom tattoo ideas on the ankle.

cherry blossom tattoos on ankle

#28. Symbol of female beauty.

cherry blossom tattoos for females

#29. Full of vitality and energy in the hand!energetic cherry blossom tattoos

#30. Classic and traditional.

Classic and traditional cherry blossom tattoos

#31. Cherry blossoms that extend down the arm.

cherry blossom tattoos on arms

#32. The pink tones of the tattoo combine perfectly with the tone of the skin.

#33. Contemporary and modern.

#34. Celebrating life with cherry blossoms on the arm.

#35. Bold cherry blossom on the arm.

#36. Lonely cherry blossom on the arm.

#37. Beautiful cherry blossom flower stamped on the arm.

#38. Pink cherry blossoms on the back.

cherry blossom tattoos on the back

#39. Small and lonely cherry blossom in shades of gray.

small cherry blossom tattoos

#40. Notable and outstanding.

#41. How about drawing on the foot?

cherry blossom tattoos on foot

#42. Creative and original.

#43. Do you prefer a softer version? this is for you!

#44. The cherry blossom adapts perfectly to any area of the body.

#45. The shades of pink give more life to the cherry blossom.

#46. How to resist so much beauty in the shoulder?

#47. A bonsai in the form of a cherry blossom.

#48. Realistic cherry blossom tattoo on the wrist.

#49. Color contour tattoo on the wrist.

#50. If you would be loved, love and be lovable.

#51. Ideal for men, full of personality!

cherry blossom tattoo design ideas for men

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