40 Cute Cat Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women

Cat Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Do you want to show your love of cats to the whole world? Or simply, to always have with you the reassuring image of a purring cat? Just choose nice cat tattoos!

Whether you choose to do it in Chinese shadow or as a minimalist outline. The important thing is to choose a representation that you like.

The most sentimental among us will choose to get a tattoo of the portrait of their beloved cat!

Some people prefer to settle for a discreet outline on the wrist, while for others, the cat tattoo is on the thigh.

Cat Tattoos Meaning:

The meaning of a cat tattoo can be varied. There are those who see him as a cultural figure, others who adore him for being a domesticable feline and a few who do it because they have him as a pet. However, the meaning that has been handled for years is quite extensive, and here we tell you.

You may already know which cat you are going to get tattooed on, and where. But did you know that a cat tattoo has several meanings depending on the culture?

Cats seen as a mystical animal in many religions and mythologies, it is often linked with magic and witchcraft.

On the contrary, in the Scandinavian religion, the cat is a symbol of love and fertility.

But a cat tattoo may have more unexpected meanings: some women had it done in prison, to claim their freedom even behind bars.

More commonly, a cat tattoo now represents affection and attachment.

In ancient Egypt, he has long symbolized protection, helps man, but also means strength and agility in Europe, in the Middle Ages, it is connected to the devil.

40 Best cat tattoos ideas for men and women:

#1. Cute & lovely cat tattoo ideas for men and women.

cat tattoos designs

#2. Minimalist cat tattoo ideas.

minimalist cat tattoos

#3. Watercolor cat tattoo ideas.

watercolor cat tattoos

#4. Small cat tattoo ideas for girls.

cat tattoos for girls

#5. Cat face tattoo ideas for men and women.

cat face tattoos

#6. Beautiful cat tattoo ideas for girls on ribs.

#7.  Very small and cute cat tattoo ideas for girls.

cat tattoos small

#8. Geometric cat tattoo ideas for men and women.

Geometric cat tattoos

#9. Cat silhouette tattoo ideas for both.

cat silhouette tattoo

#10. If you don’t miss your cute pet, you can try this type of drawings.

original cat tattoos

#11. Ying Yang style cat tattoo ideas for girls on the neck.

cat tattoos for girls on neck

#12. Express your unconditional love towards your pet by this type of drawings.

cat love tattoos

#13. This type of drawings suitable for guys.

cat tattoos for guys

#14. Colorful cat tattoo ideas for boys and girls.

colorful cat tattoo ideas

#15. Cat tattoo ideas for the ankle.

cat tattoos on ankle

#16. Cathead tattoo in the watercolor style.

#17. I love this design! do you?

cat tattoos for women

#18. Cathead tattoo ideas on thighs.

#19. Black cat tattoo ideas on the shoulder.

#20. Minimalist cat tattoo ideas for girls.

#21. Again it turns to girls.

#22. Cat tattoo ideas on fingers for boys and girls.

cat tattoos on finger

#23. Cat eye tattoo design ideas.

cat eye tattoo ideas

#24. small & cute cat tattoo ideas for the ankle.

#25. Earlier we’ve seen this type of drawing but tattoo location is different.

#26. Two cat tattoo symbols on both hands looking so cute.

#27. Tattoo inspiration from pets.

#28. The power of creativity, from this entire collection I like this design very much.

creative cat tattoo ideas

#29. Cat tattoo ideas on the forearms for boys.

cat tattoos on forearm

#30. Again it’s a watercolor design.

#31.  Cat tattoo ideas on the wrist.

cat tattoos on wrist

#32. MEW.

#33. Very very simple but cute.

#34. Very small and simple cat tattoos on the finger for girls.

#35. Simple wrote ” CAT ” on the neck.

#36. If you have two pets you can try this type of drawings.

#37. Looking little bit natural.

#38. If you want to try small, this is the best option for you.

#39. Tattoo ideas on rib cage for girls.

This is all about cat tattoos, hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to share this designs with your friends on social media.