25+ Awesome Animal Tattoos Design and Ideas

                                   Animal Tattoo Design Ideas

Animal tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs among people of all ages, genders, and lifestyles. Since the beginning of the existence, humanity has been strongly associated with nature and its creatures.

Roughly speaking, we are also a part of the animal world, and our lives and the lives of our four-legged friends are strongly influenced by inner instincts.

So it’s no wonder that such a connection influenced tattoo art. Since time immemorial our ancestors graced their bodies with animal pictures, which were very often deeply symbolic and metaphysical.

The meanings of animal tattoos can be exceptionally diverse. For many people, covering their skin with a tattoo is a way to tell the world about their worldview and passions.

They choose, for example, a character of this or that representative of the animal world with whom they associate themselves (depending on their mood, appearance or habits)

Sometimes this similarity does not seem to be obvious, as the choices often represent the qualities that people want. This can be considered as a spiritual growth expressed through a tattoo. In addition, a skilled master can transform a common image into a true aesthetic masterpiece.

This type of tattoo has lasting and increasing relevance, so do not worry about it losing its popularity.

Therefore, if you dream of an animal tattoos picture on your body, think deeply of the meaning and symbolism of this tattoo. We’re happy to help you figure out which creature suits you perfectly.

In this gallery, we will see different drawings of animal tattoos in various parts of the body.

#1. Owl tattoo designed on the neck.

animal tattoos on neck

#2. Tiger tattoo.

animal tattoos designs

#3. Owl tattoo covered on the backside.

animal tattoos on back

#4. Deer tattoo.

Deer animal tattoo

#5. Wolf tattoo that occupied the whole hand.

animal tattoo on hand

#6. Whale tattoo.

whale tattoo

#7. Elephant tattoo.

elephant tattoo

#8. Cute cat tattoo on forearm.

cat tattoo on forearm

#9. Dog tattoo.

#10. Simple dog tattoo.

#11. Colorful dog tattoo.

colorful animal tattoo

#12. Monkey Tattoo.

monkey tattoo

#13. Goat tattoo.

goat tattoo

#14. Geometrical wolf tattoo.

#15. Owl tattoo.

Owl tattoo

#16. Realistic dog tattoo.

Realistic dog tattoo

#17. Horse Tattoo.

horse tattoo

#18. Pig is also animal, right!

pig tattoo

#19. Leopard tattoo.

leopard tattoo

#20. Giraffe tattoo.

Giraffe tattoo

#21. Horse Tattoo.

Horse tattoo

#22. Again it’s a deer tattoo.

#23. Cow tattoo.

#24. Crocodile tattoo.

crocodile tattoo

#25. Very realistic buffalo tattoo.

buffalo tattoo

#26. Innocent and cute monkey tattoo.

cute monkey tattoo

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