40 Best Ying Yang Tattoo Designs With Meanings

People nowadays try to choose unique tattoo designs not only to attract people but also show off their personality and talk about their character.Ying yang tattoo is becoming the popular choice among people these days due to many reasons.

People believe in Chinese philosophy that balance in our lives is a real virtue for success Ying and Yang symbolizes that draws the opposite and creates that balance as well.Yin Yang symbol is circular, so this is that our life is a ‘circle’, what is happening around returns which means that our ‘life is a circle’.

Ying Yang Tattoo is a cool design for a tattoo to be made anywhere on your body. It does not seem strange for men or women and symbolizes the strong personality.He must agree with the fact that people are easily attracted to such a complex design and would certainly turn heads around. This tattoo design cannot go unnoticed. Which makes the design even more popular.

Ying Yang Tattoo is an excellent choice for a tattoo design especially for those who want to portray balance or opposites in their life. There are several places where you can have a yin-yang tattoo like on the shoulder or on the back of the neck. You can also get tattoos from famous reputed tattoo designers so that can save you from possible later problems.

Ying tattoo designs and their meaning:

Classic design: The basic design of the Ying Yang tattoo symbol consists of a circular shape with the color of white to black for Yin and Yang. Both are symmetrical in shape with the dots in the middle. The symbol represents the forces found in all things in the universe, which represents the need for a balance of the opposite things. And ‘generally circular and popular choice for young people and teens. The deep meaning behind Yin Yang Tattoo and its attractive design also make it a popular choice not only for Chinese but also for people all over the world. China is more of a tradition to have a Yin Yan classic tattoo design.

Lotus Ying Yang symbol: Another famous Ying Yang design is enclosed in a lotus flower. Buddhists from all over the world recognize this lotus as a sense of the Holy See of the Buddha and the combination of Ying Yang lotus represents the strength of religion and purity. symbolize Chinese lotus pure and perfect as the last flower as contaminated salt mud. This combination of lotus and Ying Yang is a perfect focal point for a pure body, mind, and soul. It is becoming more popular among Chinese and Westerners these days.

Ying yang eye design: An eye with the Ying-yang eyeball, it is another symbol of focus and balance. This expresses your clear vision, peace, and balance and is a wonderful project for a tattoo.

Chinese heart Ying Yan shaped design: A beautiful heart shape ying-yang symbol design reminds us of true lovers. The heart-shaped Ying yang symbolizes the balance in our heart and love in our lives. This is another traditional Chinese combination and could be a popular design for tattooing.

Here you can find 40 best Ying yang tattoo designs:

1.Ying yang tattoo with a star symbol.

ying yang tattoo with star

2.Ying yang tattoo for women.

ying yang tattoo for women


ying yang tattoo

4.Ying yang tattoo with a dolphin design.

ying yang tattoo with dolphin

5.Ying yang tattoo on the back side for men.

ying yang tattoo on back

6.Colored ying yang tattoo design.

colored ying yang tattoo

7.Ying tattoo for men on the backside.

ying yang tattoo for men


ying yang tattoo on lower back

9.Big Ying yang tattoo design.

big ying yang tattoo

10.Very small Ying yang tattoo.

very small ying yang tattoo

11.Tattoo design with some text.

Ying yang tattoo with text


13.This tattoo design specially meant for women.

ying yang tattoo for women

14.Ying yang tattoo on hand.

ying yang tattoo on hand

15.A very very small tattoo design.

very small tattoo


17.Tribal shaped ying yang tattoo.

tribal shaped ying yang tattoo


19.Again it’s small ying yang tattoo.

small ying yang tattoo



22.This design specially meant for girls.

23.Ying yang tattoo on ankle.

ying yang tattoo on ankle




a typical ying yang tattoo


thick ying yang tattoo






33.Ying yang tattoo with fish designs.

ying yang tattoo with fish

34.Tribal shaped ying yang tattoo.







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