50 Wolf Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

There is a variety of wolf tattoo designs and each one has a different meaning. You can present this tattoo in many ways and also combine it with different elements, such as: For example, the moon (one of the most common patterns).

For some cultures, the wolf is associated with a spiritual leader (knowing what to do in the course of his life). For other communities, the wolf is related to nature and the protection of the same. He is a symbol of group strength.

A common element that pops up with the wolves, that we can see in many cases is a wolf howling at the moon. This sometimes has negative meanings like death and the mystery of darkness. Nevertheless, it is a kind of pattern that gives a visually spectacular result and in black tones, you can work on the outlines and shadows so that they look realistic and get a good end result.

There are other meanings attributed to the wolf: masculinity, mystery, wildness, honesty or wisdom. The positive qualities of these patterns are that they give a visually very nice result(the wolf is an aesthetically beautiful animal and if you draw it exactly, you can get a very good result).

As you all know, the wolves symbolize strength and cunning and many people let the wolves tattoo on the body. Nevertheless, the meaning of each person depends on himself.

Here you can find 50 wolf tattoo designs:

  1. The face of a wolf tattooed on the leg.

wolf tattoo designs on leg

2. Very realistic wolf tattoo.

 realistic wolf tattoo

3. Tattoo in the hand of the wolf’s face showing the teeth and tongue accompanied by a few words.

wolf tattoo on the hand

4. Tattoo of a wolf with tribal design on the side of this man.

wolf tattoo on hands

5. Here you can see a tattoo of the wolf with another animal.wolf tattoo with goat

6. Colorful wolf tattoo design.

7. Tattoo of a wolf’s head in the leg.

wolf tattoo head on the leg

8. A ferocious tattoo of a wolf.

ferocious wolf tattoo

9. Wolf tattoo with the tribal design.

wolf tattoo with tribal design

10. Thick inked tattoo.

thick ink wolf tattoo

11. Very realistic tattoo design.original wolf tatoo

12. Very colorful wolf tattoo design.

colorful wolf tattoo design

13. Tattoo of a wolf and a motorcycle.

wolf tattoo with motorcycle

14. Tattoo made by a wolf with tribal shapes.

wolf tattoo with tribal shapes

15. Wolf tattoo design with thick black.

wolf tattoo with thick lines

16. Wolf tattoo design for women.

wolf tattoo for women

17. Wolf tattoo design for women on the backside.

wolf tattoo for women on back side

18. Very very large wolf tattoo for men.

very large wolf tattoo

19. Wolf tattoo with some attractive design.

attractive wolf tattoo design.

20. Very small wolf tattoo design.

small wolf tattoo

21. Wolf tattoo design for men.

wolf tattoo for men

22. Tattoo of a wolf with a feather-like design.

wolf tattoo with a feather like design

23. High Contrast tattoo design for women.

high contrast wolf tattoo design

24. Head of a wolf, tattooed on the backside.

25. Fully covered tattoo on the back side.

fully covered wolf tattoo

26. Wolf tattoos with tribal designs.

wolf tattoo with tribal designs

27. A small tattoo on hand.


tribal shaped wolf tattoo

29. Women with tattoos made of wolves in the back.

30. This tattoo inspired from the original picture of a wolf.

original wolf tattoo


32. An aggressive tattoo design of a wolf.

aggressive wolf tattoo

33. Howling tattoo design of a wolf.

howling wolf tattoo





natural wolf tattoo









howling wolf tattoo design






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Which design did you like most, tell us in the comment box and share this designs with your friends.

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