25 Best Clock Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

In this article, we will discover different meanings and symbols about the clock tattoo, as well as the locations of the body to make it tattoo.

The clock allows to know the time, it spread throughout the Western world from the fourteenth century. If today everyone can own one, at first it was in the churches or houses of important people.

What is the meaning of clock tattoo:


The clock represents the flight of time, it inevitably reminds that everything has an end. It can cover a very fatalistic dimension, but sticking to that would be too reductive.


In the seventeenth century, the design of the clock was a recurring symbol of paintings depicting vanity, that is, the transition from life to death. The hourglass is also a reason for this idea.


A tattooed clock can also be the symbol of temperance, caution, reflection before action. This may mean that a tattoo wearer is a person who can master himself.


Sometimes the clock is broken. In this case, the tattoo may mean that the person wearing it has encountered difficulties at some point in their life.

Ideal location for clock tattoo on the body:

It can be inked in different places such as the arm or even the hand! Areas of the body such as the leg or the back may also the best place to getting a tattoo.

Here you can find 25 best clock tattoo designs:

1. Clock tattoo design on hand.

Clock tattoo designs on hand

2. Design of a clock tattoo on both hands.

clock tattoo design on both hands

3. Design of a clock with roses.

clock tattoo with rose

4. Realistic design of a clock.

realistic clock tattoo design

5. Design of a broken clock.

a broken clock tattoo design

6. Clock tattoo design with some text.

clock tattoo design with text

7. The complex design of a clock for men.

8. Here you can see a clock tattoo design with an eye and women.

Clock tattoo design with an eye

9. Clock tattoo design with the mechanism behind it.

a broken clock tattoo design



12. Colorful tattoo design.

A colorful clock tattoo design


14. Clock tattoo design on chest of a man.

clock tattoo on chest

15. Clock tattoo design with a skull.

clock tattoo design with skull

16. Small tattoo design for men.

a small clock tattoo design

17.Design of a clock with numbers also.

a clock tattoo design with numbers




21. Design of a clock with the bird.

a clock tattoo with a bird


23. Another tattoo design of clock with a skull.

tattoo designs for men


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