101 Cool Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women

If you have decided to tattoo yourself, are you probably looking for tattoo ideas ?! On our website, we have written several times about tattoos. Today we will discuss the butterfly tattoo designs.Because a tattoo in addition to beauty should also make sense, right? We are convinced and know from our own experience that it is very difficult to select a single tattoo from the endless possibilities. If you are looking for a women’s tattoo, the butterfly motif is just right for you! It is modern and feminine and it is believed to be the best women’s tattoo.

As I said, the butterfly tattoo is a good choice for the ladies. There is a great variety of varieties and you have to think about the place, the design, and the color. These tattoo designs look great anywhere on the body and can be combined with other elements. For example, the look of the tattoo is totally changed by the addition of stars, flowers or leaves.

Butterfly tattoo meaning:

The main meaning of this motif is beauty and elegance. The butterfly wings are full of color and fineness. That’s why you can cleverly combine the colors. The butterfly is a symbol of change and metamorphosis. If you have undergone a profound change, this tattoo idea is right for you! The butterfly’s flight is assumed among the people as a free, independent relationship with nature. You can keep that in mind if you are a freedom-loving personality.

Necklace butterfly tattoo designs:

The ancient Greeks believed that the butterfly embodied the human soul. Souls are born, lead their life journey, die and are born again. Thus, the butterfly was perceived as a symbol of a journey of the soul.

No matter what you think, you’ll agree that the butterfly has a natural appeal and from here you need to make a tattoo of butterflies delicate and delicate. Get inspiration with this cool photos!

Here you can find 101 cool butterfly tattoo designs:

  1. Butterfly in blue and yellow, very popular.

small butterfly tattoos

2. Semicircular design with butterfly and roses.

unique butterfly tattoos for women

3. Tattoo in the form of elongated butterfly in blue tones, perhaps one of the most successful.

butterfly tattoos on lower back

4. Tribal butterfly in green and orange colors with eyes on wings.

butterfly tattoos on forearm


butterfly tattoos for women on shoulder

6. Pretty little butterfly in purple and shady. Really nice on the female body.

small butterfly tattoos for women


small butterfly tattoos for women on foot

8. Butterfly with geometric and bluish flowers on the background of blurred shapes. Very original and successful.

butterfly tattoos for women with shadow

9. Discreet blue design with white border.

a tiny butterfly tattoo


beautiful butterfly tattoos for women

11. Tribal butterfly design located in the lower part of the back of the girl.

cute small butterfly tattoos for women

12. Classic butterfly with perfect picture and orange and black.

classic butterfly tattoo on waist


a small colorful butterfly tattoo

14. Butterflies with children in different colors and layout.

butterfly tattoos on ankle


butterfly tattoo with flower


most beautiful butterfly tattoo


small butterfly tattoos on back

18. Butterfly on tribal background, personal letters, reaching almost the female behind. Very fashionable a few years ago.

butterfly tattoos on lower back


tiny butterfly tattoos for women

20. Bloody skull and inverted with butterfly wings. Maybe a bit scary and too big.


very small butterfly tattoo for women


23. Butterfly small and unobtrusive, ideal for girls and easy to hide.

tiny butterfly tattoos on leg


large butterfly tattoo on waist


butterfly tattoo on forearm


very large butterfly tattoo on lowerback


a medium colorful butterfly tattoo

28. Mariposa surrounded by green leaves along the vamp, undoubtedly one of the most painful areas for a tattoo.

multi color butterfly tattoo on hand


single color butterfly tattoo on hand


unique butterfly tattoos for women


angel butterfly tattoos

32. Tribal designs with a butterfly in the middle. Design and obsolete.

cool butterfly tattoo idea for women



35. Large butterfly tattoo on the shoulder. Although the area is beautiful, the tattoo is too big.

a cool butterfly tattoo on shoulder



38. Tattoo made around the belly button. Design butterfly rose wine around.

butterfly tattoo on abdomen

39. Butterflies with bodies that are Oriental letters.

three butterfly tattoos on lower back



butterfly tattoo on leg

42. Butterfly green, yellow and black on the back. She chose a butterfly to another tattoo.

43. If you like very small designs, the two following tattoos are really small.

butterfly tattoo behind neck



46. Tattoos of this kind for the foot. Not the most beautiful design of this collection.

blue color butterfly tattoo


butterfly tattoo on foot for women


3d butterfly tattoo designs

49. Colorful butterfly with a starlet black.

butterfly tattoo with star symbol

50. Flower with a butterfly. Tattoo a bit funny.



53. Ideal for the belly, waist or belly of a woman.

long butterfly tattoo on long


small butterfly on waist

55. Tribal butterfly.

a tribal butterfly tattoo


57.In the back and shoulder area. Butterfly with a flower. Both are purple.

58. Start at the neck and reach back.

cool butterfly tattoo design behind back of women

59. Butterfly with blue stars.



61. Young woman with a black butterfly tattoo on her arm.

a tiny butterfly tattoo on hand


63. Made with a tribal tattoo.

a tribal butterfly tattoo on foot



66. Tattoos for this type of green, yellow and blue.

a very small colorful butterfly tattoo on shoulder

67. Surrounded by tribal design.

butterfly tattoo on belly

68. Tattoo gorgeous with flowers.

butterfly tattoo with flowers

69. Impressive tattoo, it is a tattoo that is very big.

butterfly tattoo on backside of women

70. Two butterflies and other flowers. In the Middle East, we see a letter.

butterfly tattoo with some words


72. On both sides of the back.

butterfly tattoo on both sides of the back



75. Design with many colors.

butterfly tattoo design with many colors

76. Butterflies over a branch of yellow color.

77. At the waist or hip

butterfly tattoo on hip

78. If you like tattoos on the leg, here you have one.

79. The smallest of them all.

a very small colorful butterfly tattoo


81. On the back of the red and pink butterfly.

very colorful design tattoo of butterfly

82. Very nice design.


butterfly tattoos on shoulder for women


85. Flowers, a bee, and other butterflies.


87. Very strange in the leg design.








butterfly tattoos on ankle

95. Special design in the middle of the back.

96. It is so small that it is barely visible.


butterfly tattoo for women

98. Near the navel. Photo with perfect design.




Which design did you like most, tell us in the comment box and share this butterfly tattoo designs with your friends.

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