30 Best Rib Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

Recently, rib tattoos have become trendy. The rib is a discreet location for a tattoo. Indeed, a tattoo on this spot is easily hidden depending on the clothes you wear. The result is yet sensual and sexy.

Origin of the rib tattoos

There are several reasons why a person can get a tattoo on the ribs. What you need to know is that the decision to get a tattoo is personal, even intimate.

No matter where the tattoo will be drawn and regardless of the pattern. Indeed, you will keep your tattoo for life.

A tattoo on the rib is attractive, especially when it accompanies harmoniously feminine curves, especially when it is unveiled at the beach.

Meaning of a tattoo on the ribs

A person can privilege the rib to welcome a tattoo to demonstrate to his companion his authentic personality. The reason for this choice of location may also be related to the fact that the rib can accommodate a larger piece of art. The area is ideal for a realization up to the hip and thigh.

A tattoo on the ribs can have a deep meaning because it is often hidden. This may mean that the person wearing the tattoo is a discreet person, but whose personality is open and free.

Also, when we talk about tattoo meaning, we often think about the chosen motif. Finally, the tattoo can have a decorative significance, traditional, cultural or even religious.

Here you can find 30 best rib tattoo designs

#1. Rib tattoo design with a quote” everything is alright forever “.

rib tattoo with quote

#2. A plant tattoo design on the rib.

rib tattoo for women

#3. A dragonfly tattoo design on the rib.

dragonfly tattoo on rib

#4. An arrow tattoo design on the rib.

arrow tattoo on rib

#5. A small tattoo design on the rib.

small tattoo on rib

#6. A tribal tattoo design on the rib.

tribal tattoo on rib

#7. Very small rib tattoo for girls.

very small rib tattoo

#8. An airplane tattoo design on the rib.

flight tattoo design on rib


#10. Rib tattoo design for men.

rib tattoos for men

#11. Thick inked rib tattoo design for men.

rib tattoo ideas for men




rib tattoo with rose

#15. Rib tattoo design with a feather.

#16 . Again a rib tattoo design with a quote.



#19. Flower tattoo design on the rib.


rib tattoo ideas for women






rib tattoo with a feather






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